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On the newshour preventing gun violence and debating impeachment members of Congress return to Washington sniffing out danger rats finder calling in the detection of land mines and much more. with the August recess now over members of Congress scramble today to prioritize their agenda items as capital hill correspondent Lisa dejar de reports there is a lot to choose from I think we can both agree that their first full day back from summer break house Democrats wanted to talk guns and gun violence holding a form on the issue we'll fight on every front in the courts in the Congress and the court of public opinion to make sure this issue is too hot to handle for the GOP to block we're not taking no for an answer for speaker Pelosi is particularly touting a bill the house already passed to expand background checks to include most private gun sales that idea has gained new attention after last month's mass shooting in Odessa Texas officials say seven people there were killed by a man who failed a background check but got a gun later through a private sale where no background check was required. that violence along with the tax in el Paso and Dayton Ohio led to forty deaths last month and all of that is leading Democrats to pressure the Senate to vote on more background checks Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer the debate on gun safety should be our first order of business and the place to start the debate. is a vote on the house passed bipartisan background checks bill but in the Senate one vote matters most that of Republican leader Mitch McConnell who has said for a gun bill to get a vote the president must back at first we do in fact await word from the White House about what the president is willing to sign this despite polls showing nationwide overwhelming support for increased background checks and NVR PBS newshour Marista survey out today shows that eighty three percent of Americans support laws requiring background checks for gun show purchases and private sales this puts enormous pressure on vulnerable Republican senators up for reelection next year like Susan Collins of Maine our.

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