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Cleveland browns have just given jill legal installer no it's weird are good cleveland browns just give joe thomas a raise and he hasn't indicated that he is retiring but they're saying that he's now a dark darkhorse candidate to replace john group as the color analyst on monday night football should he decide to retire puffing on that that's out of nowhere again we're joe thomas who had been one of the great cast the guy could name off all the starting quarterbacks that have played in cleveland remember the adam on espn last year you know monday night countdown and he listed a mole man was we didn't remembering exactly oh yeah it was very impressive stuff uh getting the consummate probe great ambassador for the city cleveland got it stuck it out at his consecutive games streak snapped last year which was a damn shame look man i don't think that cleveland shown any signs of turning around soon you wanted to stay around his whole career off he's ready to retire so be it but just to slide right into the booth like that uh i probably i haven't heard joe thomas ever do color commentary for a game but i already like a more than tony romo by by that standard i think i mean romo slotting right in the guy these an offensive lineman you gotta give to believe he's he's looking to schemes and schematic addicts and blocking in knows what kind of stuff look at it just does he have the character in the charisma bracket to fill in for not to step in behind jon gruden what's this like you have to ask yourself light wind when you fill in on came when i do i have the panache to be ryan kobe spill in for three hours in the answer is abe a took a long look at the miramare maybe i can do this baby would then again may be not may be begging kneipp's mode we'll go one more here and we'll bring it back will bring it back to the bear here also another cleveland story awards it's nearly mandel do in these day about this is willing to brian windhorts so wish there green though had a better insult forum zoa mba soap opera continues last night they were talking all.

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