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Say the least then our check engine light came on we pulled in the o'reilly auto parts and they tested it turned out it was a faulty sensor they referred us to a great mechanic just down the street and we were back on the road in no time. all the old parts. court showdown over brings it looms in Britain after three days of hearings last week Britain's supremo cultist you to rule in the coming days on whether prime minister Boris Johnson acted unlawfully but he suspended parliament for five weeks in the run up to brexit among critics who brought the case of former prime minister John Major if the ruling goes against Johnson he may be compelled to recall Todman teddy giving lawmakers additional time to challenge his plans to Britain split for the eight gave a London Sunday night fox news service tour operator Thomas cook is shutting down in canceling hundreds of thousands of bookings the firm was taking two hundred fifty million dollars to stay in business but could not secure the funding the groups for airlines will be grounded and it's twenty one thousand employees will be left unemployed a major player in the hotel world passes away Barron Hilton born William Barron Hilton has died at ninety one his last name synonymous with luxury hotels after expanding his father's chain into the industry's top brands there his thirty years as CEO eventually sold to the Blackstone group in two thousand seven for twenty six billion dollars Barron Hilton also a founding owner of the American football league's Los Angeles Chargers in nineteen fifty nine he served as a navy photographer during World War two and also made a fortune selling arms use products before his hotel career Hilton's family saying he died Thursday of natural causes in his Los Angeles home Paul Stevens fox news the big screen encore of Downton abbey delivering on unlikely box office upset angel.

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