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Yeah this is mac os ken kids come running for the great taste of iphone there may be fewer made this year phones not kids and getting ready to ford the foundation it's wednesday the eleven april twenty eighteen i'm can ray and this is news from mac os can brought to you by yours truly and sponsored by ero the home wifi system that goes anywhere and covers everywhere get free overnight shipping in the us and canada at e r o eero dot com with code mac os can this show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriot find out more in that your support that patriot dot com slash mac os ken even in good tidings there can be found frustration business insider has sort of sub domain called market insider for some reason both of those sites ran different stories tuesday on the latest piper jaffray highschoolers survey taking stock with teens current piper analyst michael olsen had good news for apple in the latest survey according to the survey's findings business insider says eighty two percent of american teenagers currently owned an iphone the highest percentage ever in the history of piper jaffray study about teens the p says that eighty two percent is up from the seventy eight percent who said they owned iphones last fall iphone may also be re animating the halo effect back in the day pot was the thing that got people interested in the mac and other gear apple had to offer now business insider says apple's rap broad may be growing interest in apple watch twenty percent.

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