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Was a great moment for aria and female empowerment, and such a nice reminder of how much time we've spent with these characters how we've watched them grow the Jamie brand chat by the tree. I mean super fucking weird to look back on now giving brands whole, how do you know there is an after and everything that happens brand? But from the Jamie perspective is just so invested in Jamie, and everything that happened with Jamie, and this episode was really important. And of course, this is the episode Danny finds out from John about his parentage, which is a thing. Kind of didn't matter matter for Danny ultimately in terms of the rest of her arc, whether we feel positively about that or not. I think we've spent a fair amount of microphone time talking about ready, but I just find that this episode we set it at the time when we watched it, and we're thinking about it before episode three or four five and six and now retrospectively, it's even more clear and true. This really was in many ways, the farewell love letter to so many of the characters that we loved. It's wonderful. That's what makes it special. It certainly one of the finest episodes in the history. I think of, of the series I couldn't put it on my top five just because of, you know, the ending does matter to me, of course, it matters to me, too. I think the ending, honestly like the fact that I have to go. Okay. I'll pretend the following four episodes didn't happen. Knocks it down a peg in my estimation. It does reframe a lot of. The things that happened, you look at the way that j handled the snake reveal in the movies, which is to tell Alan Rickman that it was coming. Yeah, it's clear that the meeting that often wise had with Georgia Martin, I think this before season for between three and four where they were like, okay, tell us how it ends. Hey, we have done that like after season. One. You know what I mean? Because I think an awareness of where we were going to end up could have informed the ensuing seasons in so many small ways that could have vastly improved the landing in my estimation. The last watch was incredible. And I think the moment when kit finds out that Jonah kills Danny Danny's amazing, but also like kind of the fact that those two weren't pulled aside way, way earlier and said, here's what happens inform. Your performance is not kinda great like, you know, like Amelia could've Emilia could have done a million little things that would have said up that turn so much better. And so for me, I have to knock night of the seven kingdoms down a bit. Although I wholeheartedly agree one of the finest episodes of the series, Jamie ninety brands like gets Justice still. Yeah. It's special what's your number for my number four is kissed by. Higher. I think I haven't higher. Spoiler alert, I think probably should be three. If you ask me, again, again, in ten minutes, I could have it as high as to. Jaime and Brienne in the bath is maybe the best seen in the entire series. Maybe the best conversation, the entire series, like in terms of how it refrains what you think in what, you know, about a character and about two characters and is just like an exemplary work of TV writing. It's incredible..

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