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Their commitment and expertise keeps us informed even if the subject matter such as tax law is drives dust not everything that truly matters is entertaining and other lesson is about the nature of american politics it is not cynical to note that much of our politics has more to do with access to the levers of power then with a search for the common good for the christian that means discernment and caution are mandatory as jesus told us were to be wise the serpent's and generals dubs wisdom requires discernment and the willingness to ask tough questions of those we normally support an example of this discernment is marvin alaska's column in the last issue of world magazine his critique goes beyond the proposal emanation of the adoption tax credit it also includes concerns about the bill's impact on charitable giving he cites a study that predicts that if enacted as it stands now the bill would lead to a five percent drop in contributions to religious organisations he's concerned that the selfish and child less will benefit at the expense of those with bigger families and bigger hearts where whether or not this proves to be the case it does worn our attention i'm grateful the capitol hill reversed itself on the adoption tax credit but the tax bill is still a work very much in progress so the need for disarmanent vigilance by all americans especially people of faith remains for breakpoint i'm johnston st johnstone streets latest book a practical guide to culture will help you help your children navigate today's world to download chapter one absolutely free go to breakpoint dot org slash free once again that's breakpoint dot org slash free and thanks for listening to breakpoint each day.

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