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Our customers we're using very deep cleanings every night we're using electro static misters not that Kelly says he expects passengers to just start building the planes for a while we're not going to remove middle seats or prohibit people from sitting in middle seats but at the same time we won't look their planes full as for his crystal ball well Kelly says he doesn't really have one we're at a low point and so I I just don't think it's right to extrapolate today in into perpetuity before call the nineteen southwest was on an aggressive expansion campaign at the I. A. for a long time the airlines and had a stalwart backer in Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway not anymore Berkshire Hathaway has dumped all of its airline stock it was worth a reported four billion dollars the stock's included United American southwest and delta airlines demand has plummeted for air travel since the covert nineteen pandemic Buffett said he worries people will travel less even after the pandemic ends and claims airlines have too many planes Matt Matt incident NBC news radio factory orders for March are due this morning analysts are forecasting a twelve point six percent decline from February as the impact of the coronavirus shut down surges through the economy Wall Street welcomes us fresh trading week today after a down day on Friday kicked off the start of the new month stock still sharply led by Amazon as investors also weighed the White House right to hold China accountable for the corona virus pandemic at the closing bell the Dow Jones industrial average fell six hundred seventy one point the nasdaq dropped two hundred eighty four the S. and P. five hundred was off by eighty one point twenty update we'll have our first look at today's trading on Wall Street that's coming up at seven forty two password ko at fourteen sports would be K. the NFL look into I guess cancel couple games what it sounds like the ones overseas get the NFL's likely staying stateside this fall police planning to release is twenty twenty game schedule later this week but word from across the pond is it both dot in football club in Wembley Stadium are bracing for no NFL games that according to the Daily Mail in London Tottenham has a deal in place with the NFL to host two games a year for a decade in the league also is slated to play two games at Wembley this year as well as the game in Mexico the Broncos were expecting to play the falcons in London and what would have replaced in Atlanta home game so that trip for Denver Broncos country will have to be put on hold yesterday afternoon on K. O. A. R. O. Jack Corrigan voice of the Rockies played some of his round table for rocky season ticket holders his guest superstar third baseman Nolan arenado who said whatever baseball gets going it'll certainly be a little different baseball starts here don't get the feeling of a you know I know standing with the boys and I this is the feeling you know you want but it seems like it's gonna be weird you know B. as many games probably I've I've seen some different things I don't know how they're gonna be like ten teams in our division this is kind of weird you're like man this is crazy times but you know we got a brace it's gonna be a challenge and that's something that we're I have to just be ready to go no word yet on when baseball plans to resume and according to the New York Post of college football cancels or postpones its season until later in the school year or even the winter and spring the NFL is look at the possibility of playing some of their games on Saturdays to help fill that void and take advantage of the available eyeballs but nothing concrete at all on that front so like everything else in sports stated that's sports number any crystalline Keighley news radio on the Broncos bus rock seven sixteen Keighley news time our top stories on Colorado's morning news our state department of public health and environment recorded more than eight hundred new cases over the weekend of corona virus bringing the statewide total to sixteen thousand six hundred thirty five over eighty one thousand people in Colorado have now been tested for the virus our state now has two units that can decontaminate and ninety five protective masks the latest one has been set up in Montrose county is to help first responders and their get their and their access to personal protective gear the universe evening this from the US department of health and Human Services a candidate to keep decontaminate eighty thousand of the masks per day first one was recently set up an Adams County Colorado woman's on national TV this morning talking about her recent corona virus diagnosis positive results for current and iris and I think initially your heart just sinks you wonder how many people you exposed to an illness that you had no idea you have anti my contact tracing their Ashley Beck tells her story on GMA on ABC this morning a sign of progress the tented makeshift hospital in new York's Central Park is gonna stop taking new patients today the sixty eight bed hospital set up by the Samaritan's purse and was treating covert nineteen patients from mount Sinai's hospitals but the group says the worst of the viruses over and they're treating fewer than eight patients now it was a generous weekend in monument square drive through food drive was a great success the social distance but also keep the social connection doing some good in your community what just very important church officials from Saint Peter Catholic Church say three tons of food was donated yeah like we need this in twenty twenty Hornets served very very sharp and that's what they used to decapitate needs and then they'll match up the thorax into a into a meatball they call it and slight activity to mashing up the floor actually was a part of the large invasive insects about two inches long the things are huge and they pose a big threat to the country's already declining bee population they've been spotted in Washington state and in Japan where they originate anything to take her mind off her own iris maybe all the legend of secretary at continues to grow the nineteen seventy three Triple Crown winner waited until the final lengths to surge past the rest of the competition to win the twenty twenty virtual Kentucky Derby which featured every Triple Crown winner secretariat was all the whole able to hold off citation in Seattle slew the Kentucky Derby was a computer simulated race this year amid the gone going coronavirus coming up here on Colorado's morning news mayor Michael Hancock joins us live you've got a question for more you can tell us what you want to ask him on Facebook and on Twitter we got some good questions will ask him those questions and more coming up here next drive right now sunshine John Morrissey volume on.

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