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At the beginning stage of this but yet you you obviously have the confidence in the wherewithal. In the knowledge. Experience is to know that this is going to work for you. Yeah I wanted don it. If I didn't think I could do you know now a matter of just making it happen. Ah Ah smersh and and doing that. So if you thought about offering up your services for free to get a couple of your belt or heavy discount account or something like that to be definitely just just to get out there you know the different theories see. The different dynamics dynamics work the hotel as far as public speaking. And I'm probably going to do this little bit. Is The toastmasters tell you guys about that. I've heard great things about those Mr. I've heard great things too. I know people have gone through. They said it was kind of transformational. It's uncomfortable at first but once you get the hang of it. You're he's after after that you're on it and it's everywhere like no matter where you are in the US or even around the world it's a world organization in the real re club or the Columbus clever whatever but yet the whole emphasis is turning you integrate speaker and even like an impromptu speaker like they just call on you during lunch at an awareness airy stand Do speech now and they actually have a structured training programme in you actually get checked off and certifications and so it's a phenomenal things about toastmasters. been around forever yes as chapter everywhere. Yeah so we're GONNA save our time so dug a doing get you give you the last word if somebody's interested in reaching out to you or chicken anchor strategies. How would they go about doing well? My websites anchor strategies. LLC DOT COM. That's mainly what I'm doing. If they want to link up with me if they have questions they want to start launch off from there just hit me up on lengthened. That's usually the a spot guys getting out and they're transitioning if they have questions they hit me up on there and I'll try to help point them to resources. Okay okay. That sounds great. And since you've done transition many times if you're talking to somebody that's in the military going through transition right now. They're looking into starting a business advice. Would you have form first off research. Everything WanNa do. Make sure all your paperwork when you leave the military. You don't want any distractions so if you donate paper. Work through the Veterans Administration make sure oil all your separation paperwork done. You WanNa try to have all that behind you. Now you're GONNA have to deal with that a little bit when you get out like restaurant the VA in each should be able to do that when you're on terminal normally but definitely you WanNa have all your stuff done priory transition so it doesn't get away the other thing and I've been kind of bad at this at different points. This is going to be pretty stressful. I highly recommend everyone in the military yet physical standards. I don't care if you're just taking a walk every morning you've got to get out in exercise because it will take toll on you. Seen a lot of guys that are retired and they were studs and they got out and their health went south really quick like Also medications a lot of things. Were happening joining me. Veteran suicide rate. We have now the biggest thing is. You don't think it's a weakness to reach out talk to people. I reach out talk people all the time. The only Dan I call buddies had people calling me for advice. It doesn't hurt to help people in doesn't hurt reach out. That's awesome awesome. Great Advice Reagan in in in so true. I think I'd just called you rick. I'm sorry mark. I had a great meeting with a gain Army Guy Name Rick last night I was when you were saying that I was thinking about some of apologize. But I'm not even edit that out. I'm going to show that I do make mistakes but so hey doug that's phenomenal advice Because we were actually talking about that last night we were like do. Sometimes you just need to call a like minded veteran. Even if you didn't serve with a veteran but you know like sometimes they might have been been a different service in sometimes. You just need to chat with him and run. Something passed him in. They validate what you're feeling in which you're thinking and you're I am. I feel so much better now you know and so just reaching out to people and talking with them and we were talking about that specific thing last night which is why I was thinking of Rick and I think some of US forget we. We don't realize it's happening. We forget that we've lost touch with our people our tribe. You know when we were in the military and even guys we knew really well in the military. We never talk to him again. You know so be the one that reaches out because you know if you're feeling that way you know somebody else's feeling that way too so by all means it was great advice. Just reach out. Get on the phone with them or better yet. If you can meet in person sometime seem better so keeps you grounded. Yeah he knows. Actually yeah tonight bringing up. You know I've thought about maybe doing something linked in Tampa where you know like the Lincoln Locals Jersey that do something like that because a lot of guys can be separated in an put out a thing say not reach out to macdill rejected National Guard guys here in bringing you guys is looking for in those type things. When that's the other thing Lincoln when they have Lynton live events or does like Lincoln local? If you see that go absolutely. You never know who you're GONNA meet. Yeah go into it with no expectations. Just go into with the expectation of. I'm just going to be people because it became very obvious as guilty. Not this most chat with these guys last night because they were introducing me to people in the veteran entrepreneurial seen in Kansas City. And I'm taking. I know everybody in the veterans. nope I don't I mean there is like five eight names that of phenomenal people that I really need to meet that our veterans in in the entrepreneurial seen very successful people never heard her name before. And so don't think that your network where you're at right now is big enough your networks never big enough in people have a false. It like like a false sense of reality of how big the world really is. And you've got to expand your network especially if you're transitioning and you're trying to drum up new business exactly. I dug Bagwell. I think we're done so awesome interview in normally. I say like these. Two Marines are Oscar. My these veterans like I can't believe he had four services covered man. That's phenomenal so I'll just see these. Two veterans aroused Mike. And we'll be right that you take care take care we're out. Uh listen a veteran on the move your pathfinder to freedom if you like to show review and I tunes reviews. You're always greatly appreciated. Appreciate it so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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