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Been mentioning snow phones. I wanna actually asked me louder because because He said that snowfall is better than power and everything. Now now we live. Would you say snowfall is buried in power. And the prequels aim. Why is it the the casting is the story line. What is it is the story line talking about. The bloods the crips. I will start it how you know where it goes this year. Because i abbess owed on. I episode Homey who passed away I'm drinking new. Thank you my brother. John singleton had a heavy hand in each season. Now he's not with us. So i i told i told right. That was that was one of the reasons why i actually started watching. I didn't know shit about the protagonists shit. About frankly i progress in seasons. But john singleton. I'm sure we can all quote something from his films. All seen your seen. His work i win is exact. Went into the ny into thinking this is going to be because it a storyline out if he knows and i must say. This is about ninety. Eight eighty five percent are lying. At least parts of it is based on re way that freeway freeway ricky ross is life in freeway they they know each other word sounds. They started out together. Harry oh was up in where you. Can you break down harry. Oh i think he did before. So how did he is. He was a drug drug drug dealers and she has a drug dealer. Okay oh the drugs easy though. He ended david. Bread woke exactly funding deaf records and then show night basically stuck them in a bat. One was he was. He was in jail so he didn't give credit that he deserved. Start endeavour records. That's why don't we don't hear too much of a prairie areo you know we don't we hit too much about the i never heard of and i don. I almost everyday. It was to know about that kind of lifestyle. Rebound might a part of it But yeah so yet Must be on the. He's a free man. Now you find his life working on your nominee loses. He go right now in gigs. I'll watch that watch. What the show attain day. That's a good as hell were low was talking about in the last episode or some shit. He grabbers going on our whole cast. And i'm like oh this is some of the cast from the on. That game is jose sanchez was in is too. He plays explaining nathan week. He played lethal man. Wherever i like it. He loves low. It's all an all black. Cast man like no other tv. Show that you'd like so you because he's a black cast. You'd like relying goose is. This guy is just a good storyline. And like you know you get tired of seeing you get tired of seeing What you call them. You get tired of seeing tv shows that just have only white people in it man. Diversities important man. It's crazy. how how you know. African americans who created tv shows and everything is just being. You know the value you know. Sometimes i will. Our i will vision gets stolen. You know arm. Surely i know what went friends was actually based off. I'm sure i know what signed for was actually based over right now. It's really on admitted. It was a couple of tv shows..

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