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White haired old appliance doctor Joe again now Thursday evening I went to white lakes high school where they had an open forum you heard all about this on the news last week it was all television all over the place is a problem with the lead in the water and while they're listening to all the information that was so beautifully presented to the audience this lady kept saying she is concerned about the lead in the water but she tells us that she brushes her teeth using hot water I want to tell you something that happened years ago iPhone a defective part in a hot water tank and I ended up being on sixty minutes Good Morning America they came over the house and all the film crews were there from New York and all that stuff and it was a kind of a big story because the the manufacturers of hot water tanks for something like five billion dollars they had a defective dip tube in the hot water tank well when I had the plumber come over to the house on my four year old hot water heater I knew there was a problem and I had them remove it and put a new one in then I had to cut a hole in the hot water heater that I could stick my head into I could see inside the hot water heater itself and what was in there and I told this lady the other night I told the lady and the audience do not brush your teeth with hot water do not brush your teeth with hot water and hammer whatever the color I can supply T. anytime you're ready okay all right we are going to be talking to crack he's call from the state of Virginia Joe we're on the internet as well all over the world press gone from Virginia has a question regarding a refrigerator thank you Greg for calling how may we help you I guess we lost him will get him back all okay Virginia that's a long ways away just reading the book lately but a guy named John cook who is John brown's assistant when they tried to steal all the Michiel arms ammunition from Harpers ferry very good book look history the appliance doctor always learning about things made in America there's a comment I want to lead into right now made in America is so important to consumers and as we grow this radio program we do and will do interviews with people who are in the appliance industry and I this is a free spot for speed queen washers and dryers they just announced here two months ago for the first time in the history of major home appliances the first time eight ten year full warranty on their washers and dryers that's all they make made in a rip in Wisconsin at ten year full wash warranty that covers the service call labor part every day you don't worry about a thing for ten years so little Danielle do you know the average life of a washer seven to ten years the average life of a washing machine where they used at their people listening to this they got washers and our own the thirty forty years old they don't make them like they used and there's a lot of explanation for that speed queen is giving you a ten year full warranty I have a brochure here he says you can expect twenty five years of life from the speed queen washing machine what is quality right there made in America riff in Wisconsin beautiful factory can't supply the whole washes fast enough now with his work this goes on until the end of this year so still a lot of time to think about the washer and dryer you're going to hear people call this radio show listen and and they're gonna eight you're going to hear them say yeah I I got my third washer in five years my I purchased you hear this I purchased my third washer in five years I'm not happy I'm not happy with the way it washes a lady called me the other day here just a few weeks ago it is the biggest complaint I get whenever I'm at a function or there's people around me they want to talk about the washing machines how terrible they operate how little they wash I had a guy called me who says I put a jacket in there I used powdered detergent I when I took the jacket out the powdered detergent was still dry in it was in the crevices of my jacket which it folded how much water do you get new washing machine they make the lid on a washing machine today where it'll locks you can open the door you can open the lid to see how much water you have it there I know done some testing on my own it's sad you can not wash your hands your dirty hands and at TI cop all hot water Hey you can't wash clothes in just a few gallons of water all sorts of things going on the appliance industry and we're going to talk about the show can I ask you a question I have about appliances or give you my thought process yeah what you think you will read it you know I love new technology so I'd love to buy a dishwasher you know that has wifi and Bluetooth and I can access it from my car as I'm driving home and tell to start the washing all of that but because they tend to wear out so quickly now compared to where they used to my instinct is just to eliminate all those extra is on the top just by the basic machines so that when you're replacing it your least only paying for that not all the extras we'll Donal Shuster hammer we call you what a pile of money you're going to spend for something like that with all the gadgets gay but remember this about appliances the more there is the more to go wrong they say that if you own an appliance for ten years you can expect in that ten year period that have had for service calls you know what a service call cost today I mean Hey I go back to when they used to cost sixty ninety five okay the average service call to come to your home is ninety to a hundred dollars that's a lot of money just to come over knock on the door and give you a smile then there's the labor involved and you know one of the most as far as unethical behaviors by the appliance repair company today and I might point out Sears is great at doing this been doing it for years they have a flat rate I have a ninety seven year old neighbor and she had to heaters replaced in a refrigerator which should've Koster in the area of two hundred two hundred and ten dollars when I asked her after the serviceman laugh she spent four hundred and seventy eight dollars and paid to Sears because it's a flat rate just like in the car industry okay the car guys a government on they could talk about the flat rate business as well but you know it's a shame these guys aren't doctors lawyers but I think they're making more money than in the doctor as a lawyer industry I'm gonna take a little pause.

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