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A coach you should be a hall of famer bob stoops a we're going to talk to someone who is is another hall of famer bill snyder the head coach at kansas state a sat down with me on friday we're gonna listen to some of that and take some of your calls when we're back on the paul i'm show we want to remind you that that chapionship dr podcast is now campus conversation you'll get this seem great college football analysis and discussion that you've come to love with chapionship drive with a few new and exciting elements mixed in if you're already subscribed to chapionship dr don't worry you're automatically be subscribed to canvas conversation if you worried you can do so now on apple podcast horan the listen tab of the espn app okay kevin the grand prize of one million dollars what color is the white house i know this is this i know this on five seconds o to gaiko can save you bunch of money on car insurance okay judges that's true kevin congratulations yaro geico because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer back into the profile bomb show i am brad edwards joined by kansas state head coach bill snyder and you arrived on campus in manhattan a little apple a back in the the late eighties at you took over a program that had not won a game for two straight seasons me repeat that.

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