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It is back your Shea Serrano himself back back down effect she was ready well it's rigs taught movies and other things have first of all to books I have no books this is my third one right so you're now you're beating Harper Lee rap one oh that's right you did on the rat book too I have too many of your books Marla boom this is a book that actually infuriates me because it's exactly the kind of book I would want to write which is it's just a lot of discussions about movies like putting characters together there from one to another taking a lot of time to talk about a League of their own which is something I just do in my spare time congrats living the life I should be living you can do it though this is like the fun part of making a book like this is this is not the the history of movie it's it's not a declaration of these are the things that you show this is just straight up it's a movie that like and we're going to have a conversation about every person can write this exact book because you're going to have a ton of different movie you've probably read the book like where's this other movie that I love you know what I'm saying everybody's different relationships with different we could just like right the entire book but with different opinions naked No I really liked the act that you ask so many different just questions about different movies and it feels like you're just having a condo with friends movies The first one I wanted open to okay let's talk about kill Oh I love kill kill one of my favorite movies I where do you stand in Tarantino up kill Bill Love I just I I'm very delayed on the movie world's because I wasn't allowed to watch movies as a kid so I've been doing catch up I was only allowed to watch an hour of TV and movies Hours on watch the first does she make it back to Kansas I really have no house rule I was raised Muslim like a staunch Muslim so I was only allowed to watch an hour like a week a week and I didn't have the wherewithal follow through to be like come back next week and fish so yeah there's there's something immediately salacious naughty anytime you get to watch a movie the credits roll but I also love about your book is that has a you know have this sparse knowledge of movies ev you said everybody could write this book but also everybody can read this burs I could pick and choose what parts I knew and like could understand I read the mean girls first and then I went back and got to learn a lot about like the godfather and all these Kinda like Mafia I've never known anything about and I can go back and watch so yeah that's the trick with doing something like this is you have to make it where somebody who hasn't washed a lot of movies can read it and it feels accessible but also somebody who lived a life in movies can read it and feel like challen on just a little bit you know what I'm saying that'd be my mistake I'd be like Cate Blanchett Oscar loosened a ninety eight if you haven't seen a real heavy editor reading shafter saying so I don't know what this says three people well Down I was interested in the idea you're kill Bill Chapter you talk about like who gets it the most aware in the worst it was interesting talking about L. driver you know getting the second most yeah and I don't know I had always thought it was Vernita like the crazy eighty as hall l. driver by the way is Daryl Hannah's character green is the Fox so the the because she still live she is still alive but I think that makes it worse in this case Bernita has to die and that's awful but if you're if you're choosing between either having to die or like living the rest of your life knowing your your nemesis has bested U. Not only do she yanked your eyeball out of your head for the second time in your life somebody yanked an eyeball out of your head like that to me was like if you have to walk into a room and you've got another patch on and everybody's like Oh and that's enough to make this this was this was blind at this point she's absolutely she has no won't happen again arteries the tongue out of her mouth she's going to keep on pulling stuff you have a section in this book where you do an exercise that I think a lot of people either they could do or want to do which is going through the Oscars by year and then picking what you have nominated or what you would have wanted to win instead what are your feelings about the Oscars in general like if I say the the phrase the Oscars to you do you like filled with rage or no no I think they're they're fun they're interesting I like to watch them I like to see

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