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Good you exactly use the recording. Exactly man be missing the funniest things. You don't have a court. What was that you said five here. Yeah so this girl. Instagram has a five hit because her forehead is not forehead. Okay listen to this okay ladies. It's okay if you if you got a big forehead. That's fine pointed out. That's probably not probably do that. But oh well and we want to thank the dangerfield newbies for our theme music and of course gamal akkhmed of ninety one point nine. Wc okay the jazz uva city absolutely so. Thank you guys for great music. Check them out spotify where we listen to your music apple. Yeah absolutely so here. We are again our second episode. Second season this is true. How are you feeling how are you. Today i'm good. You know we Are doing this in the morning. Well early afternoon this late at night. This is true so well. I mean yeah. Some drinking coffee he asks as well. I mean when. I drink coffee so realistically. Nothing has changed. What i'm doing this show in the evening. I'm not during his own meals but he right right. The good eight slow. Gatorade did that episode. Before you in a banter you did okay waterboy. That's counting movie. It was just on a couple of days ago washed. it was it. Yeah it's a movement. That's an adam sandler classic right there. Yes that's probably to me. That's one of the best. Yeah is not happy gilmore. happy gilmore's go into. Yeah yeah that was a good one. But i just there's something about you know waterboy football. Yeah really what. It is speaking of movies though. Yeah like you out here with the transition survey and we're not talking about the little vehicle with two wheels. Segue kid both my goodness guys. Don't man i hope he laughed at that anyway. Yeah speaking of movies. Yeah well what about. I mean you okay. Oh okay oh. I was working on a movie. Yeah yeah. Hbo movie yes. I was working on. Hbo movie just got done. Maybe like three or four weeks ago. Yeah man it's about those. When does coming out. Do you know. I have no idea. It's called moonshot guys. It's like a sci-fi romantic comedy Yeah cole sprouse in it. Okay and Lana i forget her last name. She's a girl from The asian girl from to all the boys. I love before and that series. It's like three movies on netflix Yeah so they're the stars. And i have no idea who they are. And that's cool. You don't know who calls process you remember sweet life. Zack and cody. Yeah asked one of the twins. Okay okay yeah take me back to the disney days when you were today. So now i've worked with two people. Well suite life on deck. Was the spin off from sweet. Life is cody in debby. Ryan was also in that. So i worked with her own insatiable. And now cole sprouse. Oh yeah okay. So now and i was cool. I mean it was. It was a short little short little movie. Yeah so i wasn't really working on it for too long but be that's why i just got done doing right right. Yeah we'll see how dob. And yeah. And i started a new one. This is true. How's that going a lot of work. Well where are you now. I'm over at a local. Pbs and npr station. Okay the number one. Npr station probably in the southeast. Yeah talk talk. Talk your talk breaking news and information Little classical music night blues and jazz on the weekend but if you like all things considered morning edition which you know. I'm a huge fan on the radio. Side and then on pbs It's a local. Pbs station So it's wabc on the radio side and and pba thirty on the tv side. That's going to change because getting ready for new branding thing they were talking about. I don't know look like but a lot of new things in store. And i just kind of stepped in you know when all of these changes happen so it's been good just trying to get a feel for how things are done and kind of where you fit in that kind of thing a lot going on and this is probably the busiest time for the station on the radio and tv side and i'm responsible for all the on air fundraising so you're talking about. Four pledge drives we call them. You guys have seen you know that on tv. You know public radio and tv asking for money to become donors in support. You know the efforts because we're not commercial so we got four between nine ended december. So it's been a lot of work but we're getting there. I'm enjoying it. And i really love the fact that the i have an office put in office to the station is like ten minutes away from where i was and it was pretty. Wc okay but it's even closer. And i can go in. And i got back way to go in and nobody at the station. So it's pretty cool but we're not going back into the office until january so that's a good thing but yeah it's coming along and before that you came off of a movie and went on vacation. This is facts. Let me tell you i needed. It is good to us. Saying i mean like when i work i work hard. I like to think. I like to say you know that's debatable. But yes i want to bake my girlfriend. And i her went to puerto rico about five days or so. Yeah yeah oh man. People say that's like the fifty second state. Yeah no the fifty first day would be dc right because you know. I mean he didn't have to. You don't need a passport. no it's super easy. You don't have to change your currency or anything like that. The us just about everybody speaks english over in puerto rico for the most part. Yeah no it was nice beautiful. The weather is nicer rained a few times but it wasn't too bad. We actually got out in the perfect time because a tropical storm was coming or storm is coming to whatever so we got out at the right time but It was beautiful went to the beach a lot of good food And i'm a huge fan of the beach. Like i don't like here's my. Here's my thing about the beach right like number one. The oceans very unpredictable. Okay like us. You don't know what's in there. You know what i'm saying. Okay yeah and maybe you don't go out into the ocean for real for real. You know what i'm saying. But i think the most annoying part is when you're on the sand right you go out into the water to enjoy the water and then you come back in the sand all stuck to you. You know what i'm saying. that just annoys me. Yeah that's maybe it's just because you if you go to rinse off then you're still wet so you get more right unless you unless you find somewhere where you can rinse off like say game ready to leave and it's your off the sand whatever which there are places to do that bound as just..

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