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Okay and what's the logic behind this you want something you want some of those of under the bun too but that's just you know sam smith is say what for what did i get myself into we we bring in from dot com sam smith sam how are ya yeah i'm just grateful that they put me on early so i could hear that discussion well we will we'll stop it we'll wait till you get off the finish the disguise the one thing i've been wanting to ask you for a while have you in your many years of covering the bulls and yet have you ever gone through a season as strange as this one with the whole tanking and losing and trying to develop players but not trying to win games have you ever gone through something like this before yeah it was the worst season i've been around but that's only like thirty or thirty five years or something there were worst seasons obviously early two thousands with tim floyd and you know some nearly eighty seasons were you know miserable teams i mean that talent but you know quinton daily you know landau will rijn david greenwood sidney green is what legal you know just messes of teams but they were trying to win and but this is sort of a relatively new phenomenon i mean not that it hasn't happened you know the houston rockets did it to get in eighty four eighty three i four which produced the lottery in the first place but not not to the extent where you have you know ten teams in this you know in this position in situation so in the league caught by surprise a little bit but they allowed this environment to be created and and oh it santa's he fans endorsed this notion it's just stupid you know there's no jordan or lebron these drafts you know there's good players certainly but you know this notion of that it's that it's a positive to you know see losing and a lack of competitiveness and like paxon said and i agree with that the bulls didn't try to do that blatantly like some of the other teams were like memphis had the injuries and then then they they did it.

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