Lifelock, Outwear Ransomware, Norton discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The hack for months so you're blissfully running around not knowing that your your data is soon to be in the hands of people who will be defrauding you with lifelock you know when it happens you join lifelock you give them all your data and they create a profile and very soon after that an online spending habit pitcher of you is created it's a graphic display if they want to show it to you but anyway when there's an aberration or a spike when something really abnormal happens that's what lifelock sees it if you're a member that's may reach out to you and ask you if the reason for the spike is something you're doing and if it is everything's fine everybody goes away but it's not you they get into gear trying to track down where this is happening who's doing it stopping them and you'd be amazed at the success that they have and if something gets past because nobody can stop all of this there's not one company that can prevent all identity theft they've got a restoration team that puts every every one of their customers quote unquote back together if something happens and they don't stop until you're fully restored back to normal with the least amount of damage done lifelock is in a league of their own there now including norton security software for your hardware for your for your phone for your mac or your computer your pc when you when you sign up that protects your devices from outwear ransomware and that kind of thing too if you haven't.

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