President Trump, Governor Bashir, FBI discussed on Tony and Dwight


Will Clark News radio A 40 wh s our top story. Today, the House of Representatives is poised to impeach President Trump for the second time as the debate got underway, Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts said. We are debating this historic measure. At an actual crime scene. And we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the president. United States Democrats are charging the president with incitement of insurrection. After that mob stormed Capitol Hill one week ago, Donald Trump and his allies were stoking the anger. Of a violent mob. At least five Republicans have said they'll vote to impeach the president. But Tom Cole of Oklahoma said Congress should move on to the nation can begin to heal. I can think of no action the house could take It's more likely to further divide the American people and the action we're contemplating. Today. Source tells ABC Speaker Nancy Pelosi would send the resolution to the Senate next week queuing up a trial No president has ever been impeached twice. Ryan Clark. ABC News staying in the nation's capital, the director of the FBI set to brief law enforcement today a week ahead of the inauguration. ABC s Erica Turkey with more on that meeting. FBI Director Christopher Wray will brief law enforcement officials from around the country on the latest intelligence about the capital and what may happen at all. The nation state Capitals and FBI bulletin has warned of armed protests in each of the 50 states. Starting this weekend. Federal prosecutors have accelerated the manhunt for riders and said some of them could face charges of sedition. But there are new worries about angry armed trump supporters to sending on Washington and talk of assassinating members of Congress. We're back in Louisville, where, after a year of record breaking homicides and nonfatal shootings, gun violence continues to plague the city it's already outpacing last January. So far this month, there have been 40 shootings. 11 of them have been fatal In comparison at this time last year, the city had nine homicides for the entire month of January. And 23 shootings for the month. We had to Frank for governor Andy Bashir telling us that this state is in the post holiday coverted. Rush. Governor Bashir says neither Washington D C nor the state Capitol should be places where armed protesters threatened people. We're in a dangerous place and time in in our country and in our state to the point where we're having to significantly elevate The security around the capital again, in part because of it least one of these individuals, it's putting everybody at risk in covert numbers, Bashir reported 3053 new cases and 22 new deaths. The positivity rate is 12.23%. Suzanne Duval News radio 8 40. Wh A Yes, The federal government is issuing new guidelines in order to speed up the administration of the covert 19 vaccine. Kaylie Heart Tongue has that just a third of the shots that have been delivered have actually been administered, and the federal government is facing criticism because of it, So a couple of things they're going to happen to speed up this process for one they're going to release Both vaccine doses. They're no longer going to hold. Those second dose is back. They don't want any shots to go to waste, and the CDC is now recommending that states expand who they're vaccinating to include people over 65 years old and any adults with pre existing conditions. And the search for a missing prospect. Teen who was last seen headed to the Ohio River to go kayaking is now in its fourth day. 16 year old Jacob Stover's kayak was found on Monday. L MPD. The Indiana Department of Natural Resource is and volunteers. Searched the area near the McAlpin locks and the falls of the Ohio State Park. Stover was last seen Sunday morning, leaving his home to go kayaking by himself at Kocsis Park. Your next news update is at 11 30. I'm Will Clark news radio a 40 w h a s Now your chance to win $1000.

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