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Into the sixties tonight coming up it's quiet it's almost two that we check your traffic and weather together on the eight Julian Rogers six thirty five heading east looking at garland Reckitt royal Miller is clear now but there's still plenty of residual back up that we're going to have to fight through beginning around the high five and this could stay slow because keep in mind the express lane is gone for construction that's going to be anywhere between TI Boulevard and all the way down into mesquite downtown Dallas arek thirty five east south of market center that's gonna take away two left lanes and cause a back up from about why cliff so so far just about an eggs it's worth of delay actually it's a little past why cliff maybe to medical district five to seven minutes so far I'm looking at and we'll take a look at the east loop see how that's shaping up ready for help outside of recent pay twenty Lancaster that wreck cleared traffic back to normal moving at posted speeds in the area south county slipping twenty that's clear from one eighty three expect a slow stretch between Trinity and Randall bill passed that cleans up all the way to thirty west fort worth westbound thirty university couple right lanes are blocked with road work in that slow traffic moving from past forced parking on the eastbound side construction as well at university two left lanes are blocked there it's heavy past Hewlett once again we have a wreck in oak cliff still causing a lot of standstill traffic thirty five east south Illinois this will take away the right lane and there is a back up here going from about Colorado Boulevard once again Mar salus Ewing there's plenty of north and south routes little run you through that whole stretch Zang is probably going to look the best I'm Julie Rogers next report five twenty eight and breaking traffic alerts when it happened it is gorgeous now but we have another cold front on the way on NBC five chief meteorologist Rick Mitchell not that that front's gonna mess with our weather tonight it'll stay pretty nice mostly clear low of sixty one even tomorrow looks like it'll be dry mostly sunny to partly cloudy windy on the warm side a high of about eighty five or so south winds increasing fifteen to thirty miles per hour the next cold front will likely generate some thunderstorms to our northwest tomorrow night knows will move to the southeast so we have a chance.

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