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Independent thoughts independent life this is Chad dead set what is your plan for remedying the terror that has become embedded in our schools it is heartbreaking to hear you walk through that because it's in the specific way you described it I'm thinking about terms like this version of targets and the difference between cover and concealment that are things that I learned as part of military training and part of why I believed I was in the military was to serve potentially in conflict zones so the kids in schools in America would never have to have that experience so it is a perfect example of of the bubble that we live in right and you never want to diminish something that's happened Colin by sandy hook parkland real things individuals lost their lives kids wiped out senselessly we don't want to diminish any of that but we we have this this bobble around us it's everywhere all the time we can't let it reach the security problem the reality is it's not it's not April twentieth nineteen ninety nine Dylan Klebold Eric Harris killed twelve classmates a teacher then they kill themselves since then we think it's every day all the time twenty four seven you could you could get by chance our universe you can again good chance the reality since then please shoot is school shootings are down yeah on even given day since nineteen ninety nine you have a one in six hundred and fourteen million chance.

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