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It may have been totally about nothing to do with work. A house family doing over the weekend that kind of conversation. I had to do a few things deliberately to make some of the things work. One was Anything that could be done through. I decided to use these quit calls to their online itunes and just have a call for maybe it may be five minute call so i thought that was very good. It didrikson the informal chats with them or it became an forum for them also raise any concerns they may have. I'm second thing is. I started sending this what i called. Fifteen minute meetings traditionally meetings we have note or whatnot. I found i could set up a ten fifteen minute meeting. Actually meeting tight scheduling. I will do that definitely be aware i haven't had built. Arapahoe is done call. The will so subtle victorian meeting and then put out a very clear agenda and in the msci bait and could the could be. Just talk about this particular topic and shouldn't take long. And i have to share something on the screen and i find this fifteen minute. Meetings were fantastic for support because of his a shot. Ten fifteen minute conversation. I altered set of being minutes. I'd never shoot. in fact. i made every effort to cut it short to be ten minutes so they feel that it was wasn't really meeting. Just sort of checkered about something. I found out that was another thing that was very useful thing. I can visit something. I had to do very very deliberate. Because what i found is the specific events. That used to run may be planning meeting. Order order road mapping meeting motor ranking meeting that could be facilitating as a coach. These missions ended up taking a lot longer than they actually should if you had done them than the main person or even videocon so i found that this meetings needed a lot of planning so i would set up these high of pre-meeting meetings but they don't know what is going to the ankle for that niche could be the program lead or the chief architect or who is going to anchor that meeting. I would set up a pre meeting..

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