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The greatest. Yeah. We are. Country where I thought he was honorary. We are doing so. Well, we've never probably had a time of prosperity like this. Oh my God. That's when since what ever. Oh, ever. Yeah. Because. Right. Okay. Kamala Harris, I believe and feel strongly that the attorney general bar should be required to testify before the United States Congress under oath because congress has a responsibility and a duty to the American public to performance oversight responsibilities. And in this case, we are presented with some of the most troubling issues and concerns in terms of the various branches of government, and congress should be allowed to do its job, which is oversight in particular as it relates to this issue and that requires transparency, which we've not yet received, obviously. I like her. I I get to meet her this weekend. Very exciting. Can I just say I just because it would be the I as we've said over and over I will vote for whoever the proudly for whoever the democratic nominee is supposed to be perfect. They get a woman and a black person and a prosecutor. After the biggest criminal that we've ever had in the White House just saying. Also, can I just because you've been talking about this the far left? And yup. This whole Greenwald, blah, blah, blah. This was I thought amazing yesterday. This is how it's done, Amy. Klobuchar tweeted an opinion piece that Kamla Harris wrote and said good idea on fixing teacher, pay gap from Harris and tweeted it, right? Somebody else with a high Maui tweeted club Harris, this is how you do it women supporting women, even if they're both running for the same office. This is to it. Yeah. I just I was really struck by that. Okay. Karen in Chicago. Hello, karen. Good morning from the Eisenhower. On gad. Eisenhower this hour. Oh, that's worse than Wacker. Partying in as one of your money. Chicago. Thank you. Oh, that's why. That's why I have good ratings in Chicago. According to him by maga- Fran. Do have listeners here. I have. So anyway, yeah, this full report anything than the fall report is unacceptable. And I I have to agree with what we talked about mass protests. If Muller was fired, we need that protests. Right. Yeah. Yeah. This is what we've warned of is some kind of slow motion firing or cover up that is not going to be because you're right. That would be too blatant. This is. Absolutely the same thing. Karen? You're right. Yeah. Now, so I've been calling I actually the poor people. I went to the doctor yesterday and before I laughed. I said everybody needs to know that we need to call her representatives because this is a cover up just as dangerous. Call your represented at they looked at. They were nodding in agreement that they were kind of scared. I think it was a little scared of you. Yeah. Okay. All right. That's good. That's good. Oh, it was Mimi to all my legal ladies. Yes. She's wonderful. Yeah. She said in fact, right? She was talking about the casper offs point about the obstruction covering the collusion. You can't get to the underlying crime. That's right. In fact, such a view would incentivize people to aggressively obstruct investigations if they are successful off the hook for their original crime and the separate crime obstruction. That's definitely not what the obstruction statute means. Yeah. And paint says borrow present another summary of the model report to congress. Are you folks? Getting the feeling we're in the middle of a cover up five times bigger than Watergate. I mean. Yeah. Absolutely. This John tweets. It's one hundred percent bananas that the guy who addition for AG by sending Trump's lawyers and unsolicited memo in which he argued that Trump could not have obstructed Justice. Was then appointed by Trump tube position. That allowed him to legally ruled out of. I want guy right there. That's the thing. Chris I tried to be happy clapping on this on the bar thing. Bill bar, whatever. His name is. Bias? But I I knew it when he was in the Oval Office doing that. Horrible circle jerk that Trump makes everybody do and his cabinet about how wonderful he is. And how necessary the emergency is, and blah, blah, blah. Right. And I up after that what's that? It's a big cleanup after that. Let's go to Mike in Chicago. Hello, Mike about everyone. I don't know if you heard yesterday, the news broke. Boss was just strep all eighteen million dollars from the Olympic. We've mentioned it already couple times. Yeah. It's it. Yes. It's as cruel as you. Go ahead. Single penny. I know where to find people from the seven and who could have seen a guy that mocked a disabled reporter who could have seen that coming from that guy. Yeah. And now that Scott Pruitt former head the each year horsepower, cold lobbyists. I'm just like, really? Yeah. It's trying to put his other unqualified toady in at the fed. I mean, it's really it is extraordinarily Trump's taxes. Tweeted GOP strategists we've had a couple of days with the bar memo. So let's not screw that. Donald trump. Take away health care for millions of people Betsy DeVos defend the Special Olympics. Mike lee. Here's Ronald Reagan them with a machine gun on a velociraptor. This is this is your Republican party. This is what's happening. Carlos. Where're you going? What's going on over there? Power surge. Oh, oh, oh, nothing. Okay. All right. Yes. This is is this a before healthcare thing memory didn't. He just say two months ago, we're gonna protect people with preexisting conditions, everything he's ever said his policies are the exact go we'll pay for your pre existing condition. Sats. What he said the Republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. Oh, yes. You will. Oh, yes. You will you ch-, by the way, this kind of goes to your point about that you've been making about the Greenwald. Ian crowd right now is so Nancy Pelosi put forward democratic Bill strengthening the beefing up a lot of stuff that we all love against I'm gonna pass. But it's putting forward that. Obviously, it's creating a contrast politically between the Republicans and Trump wanna take away. Everybody's healthcare in the Republic. Democrats. So Bernie was asked yesterday. Will you vote forty said no though, like nothing nothing incremental. Nothing. Sure. I mean, obviously, if we get the house and the Senate in the White House, we will get single payer. We'll get a president Harris a president club presidents Lauren of. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. But this is the yes, we need to stick together. But yeah, I e criminal change. You don't have to do things sweepingly. I don't think it's realistic in this political climate that we can expect that I expect a further. It gives a contrast to then go, you know. What I'm saying is we can we can do things concretely right now. Yes. Step. Yes. Representative Nancy did say.

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