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Got 70° in purcellville in Laurel at 68 and we have 70° in the nation's capital It's 6 40 House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said today he spoke into a Republican congressman who's been widely criticized for calling Ukrainian president below the mayor zelensky a thug He's Mitchell Miller more today on the hill Madison is wrong If there's any thug in this world it's Putin McCarthy referring to North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn McCarthy says there's no excuse for what Russia's leader has been doing You just watched Putin directing Russia bomb maternity ward The comment from Cawthorn has been featured on Russian state television While McCarthy says Cawthorn is wrong he still supports his reelection On another topic the house's top Republican is critical of Democrats who are blaming Putin and oil companies for rising gas prices I just filled out my bracket for the NCAA We should fill out a bracket to see who do they blame next On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO news Meantime the house is voted to outlaw discrimination based on hairstyles and hair textures The measure passed 235 to 189 It would specifically prohibit discrimination based on natural hair that's tightly coiled curled or worn in styles like cornrows twists braids and afros They'll now goes to the Senate where its fate is uncertain more than a dozen states have already passed similar measures aimed at banning such discrimination There are growing accusations that migrants are being illegally detained in Texas as that state plans to expand its new catch and jail border policy Thousands of migrants are sitting in state run jails facing criminal trespassing charges It's part of Texas governor Greg Abbott's operation lone star border security plan To achieve that goal we converted to prisons into state jails The backlog has resulted in migrants being held for months without legal representation or even charges being filed Immigration attorney Jerry Morris represents 18 of them We're not able to get the hearings to get those releases done because the courts are congested Chris Fox for CBS News Austin Sunday is the first official day of spring and if you're the type who does spring cleaning goodwill is hoping you'll keep it in mind because it needs donations If it's good enough that you might give it to a friend or family member then it's generally going to be good enough to resell it a goodwill store Brendan Hurley if goodwill of greater Washington says 91 cents of every dollar earned goes to.

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