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ESPN radio. Sportscenter. Mark Robins things are going to be changing at the top of next week's college basketball poll because number one Tennessee was hammered on the road Saturday by seventeen. Kentucky. Well, number two, Duke handle it business at home against North Carolina State fair looking inside for Zion gets it to nice catch goes up as it is. RJ barrett. Logistic a triple double Duke basketball history twenty three eleven and ten and what a play by Ziya Williamson the tenth assist. I call them. The Duke basketball network from learfield. College bears triple double the first for jokes and Sheldon Williams in two thousand six you've got the victory. Ninety four seventy eight numbers. Freaking zag whole tough SPCA Diego. Seventy nine hundred sixty seven number seven a win at Wyoming, eighty two forty nine number four Virginia squeaked past Notre Dame by six sixty fifty four NBA all star weekend, Charlotte. Boston's Jason Tatum woods. Joe Harrison Brooklyn takes the three point shootout over Steph curry avenue Dalo of Oklahoma City, you're slam dunk champion on the ice. Tampa Bay shuts out Montreal nothing final blue jackets over the Blackhawks five to two flyers readily six five in overtime PGA tour hadn't finished a third round yet. As a Genesis opened in LA Justice Thomas has a one shot lead or Catholic Rogers Gabi homes. Several others as again, they'll finish the third and fourth rounds on Sunday in L A team. Lebron team genus the NBA's best go head-to-head tomorrow. The NBA all star game seven thirty eastern on ESPN radio and on the ESPN app. Who said it by boost mobile. ESPN radio. Sirius XM channel eighty presented by progressive insurance. Tim.

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