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Sierra four elliott today our special guest is the ceo of the new jersey. Devils also Ceo the philadelphia. Seventy sixers of the nba. Scott o'neill Real interesting guy. Real interesting background. Think you're going to enjoy this conversation. should also point out. He is the author of a new book called. Beware your feet are Seven principles that keep you present grounded and thriving from your perch before we get into the peace year. What do think people should know about. Scott o'neill he's got a really interesting background. He's been at madison square garden. He's now as you mentioned with the devils and sixers one of the things we talk about is the process what they went through on both in on-court and business perspective from the seventy sixers when they basically scorched the earth and that is a hotly debated thing you know. I love in the interview. The stuff about lula morale. I think i think people in in our sport are fascinated by lula morello and what he's like and the stories he tells are pretty hilarious. The thing that i think about this interview. I like is it. It really veered into different topics. Jeff some very serious and some very light soul. I think in this one. There's going to be something for everyone. The one that i was curious about with his work with the devils. And we saw this with the seventy sixers. He goes into it in some depth here. We've seen teams just for the sake of this podcast. Considering its hockey will focus on hockey. We've seen some teams start to come together on the ice but the organization around the team sort of isn't ready for success and the organization scrambles and it costs the team on the ice elliott. We've seen this countless times. We don't talk about it a lot but it does happen. And it happens with some frequency with the philadelphia. Seventy sixers. you know. This group had a depress team a team. That couldn't win but in that moment and around that time what they went about is sort of what they're going about in new jersey right now creating an environment around the team so when that team is ready to be great the organization around the team is great as well so there isn't any conflict or friction or they'll be nothing that the organization does that affect negatively. What happens on the ice. I agree with that entirely when you're in in his position. You know everything that happens reflects on you whether it's your fault or not It reflects on you because your the face. It's funny when. I say this a lot but know what you're signing up for. I tell it especially to young journalism. Students are are young reporters. Know what you signed up for. There are great rewards but there are also great risks and one of the things out. There is that when you go into this business. You put yourself out there publicly jeff. Every mistake you. And i make everyone sees it. Oh yeah scott. O'neil you get the great tidal you get all the perks and benefits that go with it but that also means that everything reflects on you and i think the best understand and it's clear like there's a point in the interview where he disagrees with one of my and he says to me you should get your facts straight and the the the reaction i take from that is this is a person who has incredible pride in the job that they do and the company that they work with and i think that's the way it should be. You should be willing to say. Hey i defend what we're thinking. And i defend our process and what. I think the best leaders do that. They admit mistakes whenever they happen. I loved his book. Talks about failure and how to handle it. I think being a leader is to things accepting mistakes and blame for them. But to having pride in where you work for and wanting to be the best. And i think in this interview it shows both of those sides of you agree or disagree.

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