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Today's land Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning catch some live six to ten AM tomorrow seven ten W. you're riding home national and local stories and mock sextet live from New York weeknights at six point seven K. W. O. R. radio station forty one degrees cloudy skies at nine o'clock good evening I'm Steve greenfield and mayor de Blasio giving advice to healthy new Yorkers during fears over the corona virus outbreak was Lisa G. report after conferring with medical experts the mayor said if you're healthy it's okay to take a walk or walk your dog but practice social distancing he also said going for a run is acceptable but keep it limited and also practice social distancing in addition to Bossier city even if you're healthy when in doubt please stay at home medical experts have said people with no symptoms could be carrying the virus and therefore everyone has to be extra cautious I'm Lisa G. W. O. R. news New York City officials planning to open five new drive thru corona virus testing centers around the five boroughs mayor de Blasio says the testing will be prioritized focusing on health care workers and noting that it's not a first come first serve type situation health officials especially concerned with keeping doctors and nurses safe isn't worried about the entire system becoming overwhelmed in addition of the testing center steps are being taken to bring under utilized space online potentially adding close to eight thousand five hundred hospital beds to what's currently available mayor says the current number of confirmed cases in the city four hundred sixty three some estimates say that twenty percent of cases require hospitalization people facing the greatest risks are those of fifty years of age or older with pre existing health conditions and just in general those over the age of seventy as schools around the tri state area are closing in trying to halt the spread of the corona virus teachers are using cell phone apps to hand out homework James flippin has more the efforts aimed at stopping the spread of the disease including now keeping kids home from school in New York City a stark turnaround from where mayor de Blasio had been on the issue we're now he says classes are canceled until at least April twentieth in New Jersey this teachers using an app called class dojo I worked at getting is just review of what we thought so far which route we really I can't really teach them something new on class dojo that would be difficult any means pressing mom and dad into the classroom role well that's not an option for everyone of course James flippant W. O. R. news New York New Jersey and Connecticut evo instituted a blanket ban system throughout the tristate region as gyms movie theaters casinos all shut down until further notice restaurants can remain open but they're only allowed to provide takeout and delivery services for their customers one Republican senator once tax day to be delayed by three months amid.

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