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In that royal rumble. It doesn't make drew McIntyre look as good. Drew McIntyre doesn't hit god-like status. We were talking about it last week. And I said I didn't didn't want you to win the royal rumble. Because if you run. That means he's probably GONNA job out to fucking blender add wrestlemainia and because of that you're going to get Braun strowman two point. Oh and I don't WanNa see that the way. Brock sold drew McIntyre the way he was like you better fucking win at when he was walking away from that match made me feel that it's possible brock's going to do the job for drew he is GonNa fucking laid out for drew McIntyre wrestlemainia. I think it's possible. Oh and if that's the case look what. WWe Did at this royal rumble. They made the future shine. Look how good people looked another person that was the whole point of the royal rumble and they have been. They've missed it for the past few years. Well yeah because they're more. They made you think they did it with Oscar Shinsegei winning all all this time there. You know what we've let's do this. Let's move on. Let's let's not showcase because they said that both of those rumble matches were written rewritten. An hour before the show. Oh Wow yeah. Originally Roman reigns is supposed to go over like drew was gonNA eliminate brock but but lose. I thought stormed stormed onto Roman Andrew and yeah other way around. Shayna was supposed to win the women's no shit. Yeah so that and it was all rewritten an hour before and look look the with the final four that you had in the men's rumble. Randy Edge Roman drew. Dan Never Guess Andrew. Well I I would have guessed AJ. If address edge was number Thirty Cup. What number? Twenty one it was twenty one. Yeah I mean I would have thought yeah. Having a showing never would have thought he was going to be the final four but it also definitely set up for the future and that was smart for say set you up a wall and more so on raw but it set you up Orton versus edge mania solidify that at the end of raw beautiful which we'll get into so you get the final four right edge eliminates ORTON. You can't have drew eliminate edge. You can't Roman Roman because then you you've any any pop you just had for drew is is gone the minute he eliminates the fucking dude who just returned for nine years that everyone is fucking coming in their pants to see. We know this because and then he almost died well. The third was he was on the press office obviously Oregon. He jumped up on the shuffleboard table. I really skinny it. Just imagine going through that window like well. Edged killed a Guy Much Drennan Lynn. That was running through. Walter probably would have paper backups. There's this new ice bucket challenge so edge had to get eliminated by somebody that wasn't drew. McIntyre Roman reigns can take that heat because even though and then when Roman lost to drew you got a bigger pot for drew because you limited the guy that eliminated edge Romans Teflon now to the point. Where if you WANNA put him in a match against Bray at fucking Russell Mania? I'm okay with it as long as Roman doesn't win right. Like don't already really fucked Bray with that. Seth Rollins owns match now. You're on momentum. Build with him. Keep it yet. I kinda like what they're doing with. Roman I use those right now. Like kind of stick with that like they kind of like they do with Haute are AJ and the like they're a little faction they do kind of their their own thing but every now and then they come together come. Yeah exactly and it's Kinda like ww trying to stick it to the elite. Oh we can do this three man thing better than new things really honestly like. I really believe that and I think that's why we're getting. Aj in the OC. And I mean we do aj in the OC versus Roman and Wrestlemainia. Kickoff show whatever Oh you know what I mean like. There's different things you can do with that. Romans add a point where for the first time since the shield Roman Roman is organically over. Don't try to push him too far too fast again so everybody hates him. Just let it happened naturally. Yeah yeah one hundred percent so I was glad he didn't win the rumble because that would have been again trying to cramp down our throats. Too fast fast. Yes agreed there's not easing in. There's no lube no loo. I do I do like the fact that whoever limited last year won the rumble. Even if it wasn't something I was talking with Daniel from rusting scorecards and he felt that drew winning. It was kind of a waste because you already had the main event it set up with drew eliminating brock should a smack down guy even if it wasn't Roman have one then and you know you said you liked the faculty chosen but it doesn't matter a cause whether you're raw or smackdown superstar you get to pick AAC what title you WanNa go for okay. So you essentially could've done maybe. Aj Styles the conversation Alastair Black was supposed to win the royal rumble. That would have been sweet. I would have thought he was supposed to go take on brock. You want you yeah area Gal who goes although that could make for an interesting match if they did it right right but do you see Alastair winning that one in any way shape or form. I don't know but I'd like to see rock. Solid black mass. It take like six of them but I mean yeah but again i. I'd rather see that match when I know. I know that it's a fifty fifty possibility. Either one of a winning. I was GONNA Zia. You definitely gotta build Alastair Black more. I think you definitely got to go through a year of him just like going through the roster And then now him I. Fiend Bracken the fiend that no see. I like very selective of who I want to see. Russel the female only because like it's like wrestling the undertaker at Wrestlemania. Let's hear a select few people. You're going to lose so a big big match. Why think putting black against the field has lack of a better chance of winning? The and I and I don't think that kills the fiend character then like right now. Let's be very what does it do. Roman Road Rotas losing to the fiend. Do for astor black okay. Losing to the fiend in losing to defeat versus losing the Brooklyn. WHO's in Brooklyn? You're just once again okay. These are people being fed to block brock. Leser v fee but Lou loot fiend is still a new fresh gimmick. So it's not gonNA kill you if you lose to the fiend you can come back and fight like okay but you still still you. I mean what they've been doing is everybody that loses to the scene changes in some way shape or form data by went from healed face. South Ron's went from face to heel but there is a pattern here where everybody has changed in some way shape or form after going at it with the fiend so just ouster black versus the fien especially with the way things are going with the fiend right now clearly. He's not he's not going over the fien. So what does losing to the FIEN. He goes back to his annex t character where he doesn't talk and just goes and kicks ass okay but that that lost still. I don't think it hurts him at all. I think he I mean it also depends on length of match and and I think I think that I think that loss could elevate him more than a loss to bronco it also is elster. I huge Alstom a black mark huge. Like he's probably my next favorite wrestler. Come up but I don't think he's at that status status right now. I think when when winning the royal rumble put them at that satis but he didn't but that's what I'm saying. This was all I'm talking. This is post winning the royal rumble. Aw this is the conversation that Alastair Black was a person to win the royal rumble. I think what would have been unexpected. You know uh-huh yeah. He's not commit my door and then I'm so glad he went past that on and you have a now. He's knocking on other people's doors. Which I mean at that point you could have set up him in the fien? He goes in fines defending the boy of their room. Somewhere and get some rooms. You were saying I I I definitely think that the royal if winning the Royal Rumble would've It would've put them up there and it would have been unexpected and you know not something that people. I would've done the Adron like all. Yeah it would've would've been very exciting. And then yeah I guess at him he needs a AH gearchange because that green in color ugliest fuck so. There's a lot of talk as well that because of in terms of Ed is this the best royal rumble in history. Nick No Okay Z.. No thank God the best one in the past ten years and years four s one. I mean I'm not okay. That's royal rumble match now. No which one you think is the best. Bb Bias always nice ninety five. SEAN COMES IN AT number. One is the first person to ever win here from the number one spot one of their number two would be ninety two flair winning it. All again I then ninety four because it's the first time to competitors were eliminated at the same time floor with lex Luger in my my top five or a bunch of I with this. I mean this one's definitely maybe my top five definitely my top ten So Oh i read. It's up there. I enjoyed when Sean wanted. He dumped the bulldog over because Sean was hanging onto the ropes and his like one foot kinda grades they thought maybe his feet. We're touching and you know that was to me. That was first time. I can remember that happening so that is the first time that I'm yeah. One of his feet touch the ground in bulldog dog celebrating. He comes on farm in the bag. He tumbles over and Sean winds from the number one spot which I mean at the time before that it was flair. Winning it from the number three spot was the closest anyone's come to being being the rumble the entire time and then I mean obviously ninety six on my list just because again sean comes in like fifteen wins the whole thing and then goes on and we have the iron man match at twelve so I will say without a shadow of doubt that this royal rumble is is one of the best pay per views. WWe Is put on in a long time. It is definitely outside of Wrestlemainia last year. The best one in the last year. Who the fuck would think that in two thousand twenty? We'd be like wow. The last two good pay per views were royal rumble and survivors fivers. Four man they're going at it You know as I said at the beginning of the show in two thousand nineteen. WWe Put on a bunch of good pay per views. One shitty one one great one. Or what Shitty on. TLC Guess Shitty. You're like Helena Salva Shitty you'll see how to sell. Ellis was a great pate. It was good. Pay Per view with a shitty. TLC was just mass throughout. And remember that. Crescendo of buddy and Alastair every every match after they're suck worse they need to get rid of. TLC As a full pay per view and just randomly use that s Gimmick Yup I agree But again so. Ww Twenty Nineteen Pas a bunch of good paper views nothing spectacular. Nothing there have been. There was really good survivors. Here is really good. You know. WRESTLEMANIA was great. Every other was good W. W. kicked off twenty twenty and putting on a great pay per view and hopefully do the same thing continuously. Now we had seventeen paper us in the month of January bright.

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