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As glenn are glad that had drawn from woods own life with bride of the monster he wrote in some of bela's own history bela had told at a story about how after he was famous the new government in hungary that he had fled sent a representative to meet him and asked bela to come back to hungary to serve as minister of culture baylor refused he was sure it was a trap to get him into the gulag thus he gave a typically floored and not entirely sense ecole ed wood speech his all nar should bring you home oh hi but bye living liked it adam john as i view show that i can beats asta i really do far affect my own hikes our iit's a tummy shoop i've been retrieved kung could a womb uh uh uh yes of course a truly great mass start race switches high convinced by superiors already who could create well and with which are government can rule the world without two picked obese i understand me rows i don't in ban thrown home my lanzana four by so a you med for now let me lotteries always considered mad one discover something that others can cannot grass bela was initially worried that he wouldn't be able to remember this long speech and would had cue cards prepared for his star but when it came time to shoot bela said he didn't need the cards he performed the whole speech in a single take more than giving bela a chance to speak to the fact that his homeland literally no longer existed in the same form is when he was born vis speech gives him a chance to talk back to the studio system that left him for dead and to embrace the jungle he now found himself in with ed wood and the economy class i'm that both of them represented whether or not anyone else understood or appreciated what they were doing the vicarious victory continues right after this speech when his character of then gets to capture and have his way with this stand in for the studio system.

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