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Npr. I you look at the bills against tight ends. It's it's been good has not been great against tight ends. He's not a great start but in terms of the two guys. I'm sorry that's what you're asking a arnold over competent but he's not my top twelve. I wasn't making. I was i was just saying you know. He's playing the bills. Dan arnold and tight end is just one position where they haven't been mega elite against so far Any interest in mohali targets. Keep up for arnold because there is. I think it was two games ago. He wasn't targeted very much at all. And who's very unproductive. I don't think he's that good of a player. He has eight five ten targets in his last. Three games stint arnold. He's basically been there their replacement for dj shark from a target standpoint. Jamal new is taking viscous in all fields. The both those guys are playing more so than chenault and what chuck would have been so three more names. I just want us to ratchet molly cox against the jets. Tommy sweeney if knox's out at jacksonville and evan ingram i guess against the of ingram. I put on the list Again another match but as you saw he wasn't involved with those second africa chiefs molly cox is somebody to add as well. Just hoping course. Okay but in all seriousness. If you can stash logan thomas i think he's worth the stash. Oh absolutely dave and foster moreau. I suppose if if while there doesn't play we heard anything about waller. They said he should be okay. So then don't don't stash. Dst's patriots at carolina saints at atlanta at home against atlanta ravens against the vikings dolphins against the texans panthers against new england. And there's one more jamie the raiders. What do you think about the raiders at the giants. Not bad at all. Twenty two percent rostered. So it's pretty good week for. Dsp's on the waiver wire and also the colts the eighty percent roster. Kohl's get the jets on thursday with the mike white performance are the cold still a highly ranked. Dsp for you this week. Yeah he's still had two interceptions. It wasn't like it was perfect. Fumbled to. Yeah some saks okeydokey. Mike badgley daniel carlson greg. Joseph brian johnson.

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