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And. Welcome to security on the by you. I'm your host, Chris Adkins. A recap of today's Security News, and why it matters to you. Good morning friends. It is Thursday may ninth twenty nineteen. And this is on the bayou hope everybody's having a wonderful week two more days almost done get there. It's gonna be a beautiful. We can hopefully wherever you are are, right. I up from security boulevard dot com by Erica chicken, while ski breach instance on record pace for twenty nineteen. So this is an interesting report. And this is again, one of those articles that you're gonna find multiple people reporting on it throughout the the industry in all over the news. Right. So in quarter, one of twenty nineteen there were one thousand nine hundred or three data compromise incidents, exposing more than one point nine billion records. Obviously this sounds like a lot. It's because it is a lot. Let's compare it to lash twenty eighteen the volume of reported breach. Incidence was up fifty six percent in one quarter in expose records was up by nearly thirty percent. That's a huge jump year of your. That's I mean, that's really really fifty six percent and thirty percent anywhere else. Those percentages jumped like that most. Usually you're getting rich, right? Not here. This is bad news is going backwards and some more perspective on this usually between two thousand nine and two thousand sixteen average records expose was right in one quarter was right around one hundred million to two hundred million. So in twenty fifteen there was a are. There was a larger number twenty fifteen. I don't remember exactly what was preached then. But out the look that up for you guys. So there I mean, there's so many huge increase you go from one hundred million two hundred million. And then you go to a billion in less than two years. That's significant. That's quite a bit. This goes to show you it's not stopping. It's not slowing down people are continuing to get breached. So you gotta do your do your part, right? Protect yourself. So I don't want this to be a scare tactic. You shouldn't be scared by some of this stuff. This information you can use to go make things better. Right. Put this near tool belt and move along next from health nut security dot com. Title, the article C level executives, increasingly and proactively targeted by social breaches. Normally, this is not something I would have included. I mean, this is sort of a no brainer. C level executives are getting fished wailed, vici-, whatever you wanna call it pretty consistently over the time over forever, right? It's something that's going to continue to happen serially because of the amount of access to information they have. But here we go. This is again came from the variety DR, we'll start to see more and more stuff. People start digging in this poll out little nuggets here and there so I'm not going to read one of these everyday hopefully, but for a while you probably going to be hearing about this stuff. So senior executives are twelve times more likely to be target of social incidents and nine times more likely to be the target of social breaches than in previous years. So once again, this is big because increase year over year twelve times and nine times more likely than they were last year. That's that's significant once again this significant. So there's things you have to be focusing on right? You know, you don't need to go by all these fancy technical solutions right in the security, tools and deal P and caz. Be I mean, eventually order to mature your physician you should. But at the end of the day. One of the biggest things is our IT hygiene. Right. What are your your help desk processes to investigate fishing? What are you patching? How're you? Filtering emails real basic sort of business operations items. Right. So hygiene, it always comes back to IT hygiene. Right. Do the small things right to build upon and build your organization upright. You can't have a good. You can't build a big house. If you ain't got a good foundation. Create a good foundation for your house next. I like this one if you're ever on Reddit or just in the world, you know, people always talk about what would you do if you got fired from this job, you know, and people that really hate their job always end up. You know, I'm going to delete everything I'm gonna I'm gonna take everything down hack this right on the a script that's going to blow up the machine right of her that one before. Here it is from security week via the Associated Press IT specialists, convicted on cyber hacking charges is sentenced you may. Or may not remember this. But this gentleman named Edward soya bell. He was convicted by federal during the summer on twelve counts of computer hacking, the thirty five year old soil of Chicago acted after the industrial supply company fired him in two thousand sixteen for quote unquote on on professional conduct and punctuality issues. So you've his late and he was an asshole. So essentially, he got fired and he decided, well, if that's the case, and I'm gonna take down everything I can guess what still illegal now he's in jail for three years. So there you go don't do it. It's pretty simple, right? One of the principles of life. Don't be an asshole in you'll be. Okay. All right, folks. Hope you learned something today. Something putting your tool belt in take back to work with you. Everybody have a wonderful Thursday at has made ninth twenty nineteen the security on the by.

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