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Their brother Mike was as good or infinitely better than they could have been. He was so good at hockey and he was much more like us. He just like loved to hang out. He didn't and don't get me wrong to play at that level. Like there's work in really hard. You're in the gym. You're in great shape, but going that extra mile and genuinely enjoying it is such a difference and especially when the game's gotten to where it is now. Like when we had Jeremy wrote it gone, he talked a lot about how like in the 80s and 90s, whoever got by kind of doing what we are approaches would be the best player in the world, but now when you get to that level where it's the fitness and the training and all of that and the nutrition, that whole approach makes guys just a little bit better to the point where over 82 games in the NHL or over four rounds of 72 holes like that's actually way better and it's the difference between a career or being top ten in the world and not really making it and you have to I think you have to love it or you have to teach yourself how to love it. That's super interesting, yeah. It is crazy because like these guys love it on this show. But like Diego like watching him play hockey like painted a beautiful picture like and I was lucky enough to play like yandle when we played each other in high school. He always found space. He always had space, just a magician with the park in terms of how he created. Watching Diego play was like the same way and I asked him one time I was like, yeah, you're like, why not? Like, why didn't you make it? He's just like, I love bud lights, and I'm like, oh man, I get that. I get that, dude. That's fine. To get us the best. And he's like the nicest fucking dude in the world, but he's so sick at hockey. And his two brothers went on and played pro and he just didn't. He was like, no, I'm just all set. I'm gonna go hang out in southeast and he's made a billion Friends, and he's awesome. And it's just a kind of what we're speaking about. It is funny, man. That applying yourself in the difference and the mental approach, it's all that's all things that clearly this podcast could do a lot more of if we really wanted to be better at golf, but I really doubt that we will. Go out and apply yourself to that audience. You know what I mean? You know, if you plug themselves, it's a motivational show right here. Owens might motivate you. If you want to go the other direction or just maybe have a couple cocktails in a joy yourself, just add Owens. I'm actually out at pebble. We came over yesterday. Dubois are coming out later this week for the dad bod classic, which we will get into, but they have.

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