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I was asking me try and catch the Panthers interchange here up the left like awards, got a breakaway coordinate alone hold. It puts a rally Scott Wanna play by Vasyl Lasky. Now Sara Lee is reacting like award score that maybe that hit up trigger and went in. It. Did it hit him and went in, and the landing tied things up at one apiece. Greg Lindley with use our second intermission report rolls along. Let's bring in J wretch, Our good friend from 95. Www dot You can check about 3 to 7 there. Beckles and retro show great job all the way around by J and wanna play by passing. I mean, we know he could stop the puck, but he says, Listen, guys, they're struggling to score. I'm gonna help you there, too. It's incredible. Just he and he's That was one thing. When he first came up, it was It was such a discernible difference. Ben Bishop, and he because listened ambitious. Probably one of the better puck handlers weeks all time. Yeah, this is just something that's reach, you know, exclusive to Tampa. It's something that he's gotten better and better at as the years go by. What do you make of the Lightning's play here? The last few weeks is it just ebbs and flows of the year or do you feel like there's Bigger issue brewing here. I don't think it's like one of those things. You have to be totally concerned over. I think it everything you're gonna have your ups and downs, but I also feel like they're in the dog days of I love That Julian Bree's mom made a movement brought in David Savard, because I feel like there was an opportunity for this team. That kinda just sit there and rest on their laurels a little bit. Go, you know, we'll get steamrolled. Get coach back. I don't want to do that. You don't want to sit and wait. Just think somebody's presence is going to absolutely change everything with your team. So you go out. You get it. David Savard. Yeah. Didn't look too good the other night, But this is a guy that top four defense. Yeah,.

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