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I hope you enjoy this conversation. I had with an hour and a half where I was being interviewed about faith. Christianity Jesus the Constitution Liberty. How Christians should deal in politics? It was unfiltered hour and a half with Jack. hibs who is an amazing pastor from southern California does an incredible job. This episode has gone viral in many different ways and actually helped grow our podcast tremendously. I'm so grateful to Jack hibs. He's an extraordinary leader. Who gave me this platform? And I think you're gonNA enjoy this episode. It got a lot of positive feedback. We cover a wide range of topics from the Gospel to socialism Eliza to was Jesus a socialist. You name it. You are really going to enjoy this. I think so merry Christmas. Everybody enjoyed this episode of the Charlie Kirk Show but before we get started we have other other episodes coming up with Ben Shapiro and many others with insight. You won't hear anywhere else to make sure you're subscribed you might be listening to the Charlie Kirk show as a respite from your liberals Arguing about impeachment. And they're probably wondering why he's not yet removed from office. So if you want to know all the answers type in the Charlie Kirk show press subscribe and the no doing on their phone while they're watching MSNBC ABC they will thank you later when they get that notification that they're subscribed the Charlie Kirk show. Because we'll drop the episode right after Rachel Maddow airs and it will be perfectly correlated to make sure you're subscribing dried nature your liberal friends who subscribed help us continue to surge in the charts when more people press that subscribe button happens. Merry Christmas. Everybody enjoyed this conversation. Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Eighty Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. We are lucky to have Charlie Charlie. Cook's running the White House. I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country as done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. USA not embrace ace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. The thank you Charlie tonight. I didn't know who expect. or how many do expect because of the rain scares rain. The driver he's from Chicago Chicago so we were talking about how brutal it is for him. Living in Chicago experiencing that weather and I told them what we we do get when the sand gets in between our flipflops chafes our toes so we do if we see the sun in this month. We're very happy in in Chicago so you have it quite nicer. Well we we do have a nice rate here because it's raining right now which is so rare for a so so charlie. We're going to dive right into. Yes I am so excited because you have a platform and an opportunity to speak and not only speak but you speak with a knowledge that is beyond your years. You've I'm sure you've heard this from people. It's actually a gift given you by God people tonight. We'll know this if they've encountered you. There's something absolutely nunnelee charismatic about you but you are a man that understands inst- things that many of the aged miss you are unique and I consider you a national treasure and I just just so look forward to your future are are desirous to pray for you to stand behind you and support you. Listen what I want to just lay out this evening and then on we go. Jesus Christ himself said that that when the opportunity had come for the citizen of the Roman Empire are just show their allegiance. A coin was brought before Jesus and it had the inscription of Caesar on that coin and they thought aw that is the hierarchy thought that they could stump Jesus with this. Because if Jesus says that you should take this coin that has Caesar's this inscription on it and you should pay taxes. Then you're going against the temple but if he says it any other way we've got him on a dilemma. We're we're going to get Jesus no matter how he answers this and of course. Jesus being God ask the people whose inscription is on this coin. And the people shouted Caesar's and Jesus said then render to Caesar the things that Caesar's and to God the things that are God's and it was a brilliant statement that left them befuddled in fact it says at the end of that moment went. They dared not ask him any more questions after that. Why because Jesus made it very clear that Caesar's Coin Caesar Roam the Empire didn't belong to Caesar? It belonged to God himself. And when we talk about that this is not a political discussion tonight right. This is a cultural discussion. This is a discussion around Judeo Christian values. This is a discussion about the issues of life and and all of that is under the jurisdiction of God. You need to understand that tonight. So when Charlie and get into this and start talking you need need to remember this stuff matters because you're going to be hearing things that might be quite shocking to some of your kids in college and you're going to possibly possibly want to ask the question. What can we do about it? So Charlie tell start us off with what's turning point all about. What are you doing short? So it's it's such an honor to be here so kind of surprised to be able to go to a church and get a warm welcome not exactly the state of Modern Christianity as I've voice seen it so this is Kudos to you and just such a blessing to be here so thank you so much for that and to be able to speak fellow Christians that are equally as concerned about the crisis in our culture in our country because it's happening in front of our very eyes and there is a crisis happening in Christianity. And we'll dive into that tonight of course so a little bit more my background not much of a background being the age I am but not exactly very long but it's been eventful nevertheless I started turning point. USA which is the nation's shins largest conservative student organization. Present on over fifteen hundred high school and college campuses. Thank you thank you. I started guarded this seven and a half years ago. My whole life leading up to that. I was very focused on doing what most high schoolers WANNA do. Getting a good school and go to college ended up getting getting into my dream school which was West Point and it was the best thing that ever happened to me and I convinced that's exactly right and I thought my dreams were crushed and everything was going to go downhill from there and boy got as a way of surprising. You when you think you've got it all figured out. Especially at that age. I convinced my parents to allow me to take take a gap year before entering college. It's now been seven and a half gap years and I could do a whole lot longer. Speech on the value of gap years and kind of the scam that has college in higher education. But we can get into that too which in parents have to be very acutely aware of how most students are getting ripped off and most four year universities -versities and most universities don't honestly care about the students that they're running through their overly inflated and quickly diminishing value degrees dishing out while teaching teaching students to hate our country. Not Believe in God besides that. It's a great place so turning-point USA's unbelievable journey throughout the last seven and a half years seeing it grow. We say we're on the front lines of America's culture. We are a secular organization but I will say Christian proud Christian vocal Christian. I believe in the Gospel. Jesus Christ at the Guy Never shy away from saying that and it's amazing. How many people that come through our ranks and communicate? We're doing ended up finding Christ when they actually find people that will stand for Truth and truth. That is originally rooted in the Bible Truth of hard work dignity freedom liberty separation Russian of powers things quite honestly. Our founders were inspired by the judeo-christian construct in the Bible the word of God and they created the greatest framework of the greatest country country ever to exist in the history of the world. We have so much to be thankful for living in this country and unfortunately our our next generation a lot of your children my peers. There's and my generation. They're being taught bitterness that they live in this country. There's one part of America right now. That's angry that live in America. The other part that is thankful that they live in America. Let's that's simple when.

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