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Members for more information visit twin spires dot com all right here on the horse racing. Podcast pleased to welcome in our next guest. Whose VOLT book graded stakes winning trainer. Who this past week settled so skydiver to a winning the Green. Three fantasy stakes. Please welcome back. Kenny mcpeek to the show. Kenny how are you? I'm doing super. Thank you appreciate you coming on a big score for your philly. You posted some pictures so I was assuming you're on track how how surreal was watching a race like that with like twenty people around you. Yes definitely unusual You you're so used to having a huge crowd especially oaklawn and You know for them to unfortunate but It's a great place to go racing and I think they did a good job. On under the circumstances she She sat behind the favourite early on and I thought Brian Road tactically very good race. Kinda snuck up into second on that I turn and then went to apply pressure. Were you happy with where she was throughout the early stages of the race in which she kind of wear you expected her to be she was able to enter. I start she wiggled or in. Traffic came from next to last and one off easily so we knew we knew she could do it on. I think there were those that thought that the race at Gulfstream was kind of anomaly. In the she she got the easy lead and she's This phillies very professional. She's last three races. Going to turns have been per alley. Can you mention her her win? In the Gulfstream Park folks and people thinking. It was kind of an anomaly and I think lot of people were surprised at the speed. She showed that Dan pocket. I thought was brilliant. That day Was that a new dimension. She showed for you or were you kind of expecting that day for her to be out front. Well we had runner. Short Sheelah D- Pack especially in the race at Tampa. She really probably should have won that day. And she got off a step slow and then she had to circle the field wide and only gets beat about a length and Absorb frustrating and that. We think she should have won that day but then from there was okay. Look we've gotTA get straight to to turns because we all know that the big races are two turns and most people don't realize that the stakes program in Florida isn't very conducive to finding to turn race for three year old filly They run the Devonian Dale Short at Gulfstream IV actually employee raises but the only one of auction was the son Costa Tampa. We mow to in it too so It's a situation where we had. The shipper had shepherd fairgrounds to run in the in the race. There I believe it was the silver bullet that day or forgetting The name of that one. But anyway we shipped over there then we had to had to Chip BACK DOWN TO GULFSTREAM ship. All over the board And but she's handled it really. Well she actually drive doing it. So quite proud of everything she's accomplished and I still think You were hunting for grade. One from here her I want to talk about her development in the sense that you know her debut last fall. Churchill's took a lot of money. It was a big field. Were you expecting what you saw from? Her debut was fantastic. Yeah her She had worked lights out going into that and that was one of those restricted money racist because she had run Awry Bader for thirty thousand so yeah so so that so that condition was was unique but she got that done easy enough and and then I was going to go to terms with her. But couldn't get A to turn race distill and we were hunting and hunting and hunting for two. Turner Right. It just didn't happen so we ran our one mile to act the seven eight and You know it's Since we've gone longer the better she does. You made some news. After the fantasy noting you might consider overseas trip with her with with everything pushed back in a lot uncertain. I imagined the plotting of schedules and stuff now is very unique for you guys. The schedules are moving target. Right now. You really just don't know because of everything happening and you know I think she's a Philly that will take to the term for that any trouble Now there's nothing listed in the US that she could point of any significance and the fact that a lot of their horses are going to be coming off Layoffs they haven't been running so we're GONNA be at a competitive advantage but We've got a lot of logistics works to figure out on that That shouldn't be terribly difficult. I've done it before Wesleyan I've worked together. I was sleeping and then Wesley Certainly perfected the trip And I've run well over there but I haven't won and it might be an opportunity to do something unique. Yeah I would think that knowing that you have the points and obviously you have the first Friday in September you know kind of spot guaranteed there. I mean I imagine that does help at least because you have a poll in the distance of kind of where you WANNA be in. Be Peaking and stuff well if she's training as well as she did going into this go A trip like that. I don't think so out of the question. I mean the euro's come over and back to run an eye races all the time. We just don't tend to go their direction very often. Hansa phillies value dramatically. If you can pull something like this all to prove that she can run on turf dirt. Medica- no medication. When you end up Bringing hurt auction or any of her foals dogs. And then I think you'll get people's attention and or worldwide attention and Peter Callahan's a guy that that that understands that he's bread Top horses and then evariste worldwide. And so he gets the big picture and and he seems at this point up for we've got like I said we've got some logistics to work out and figure out the timing and the details but It's possible we're going to see we're GONNA look at all really close. Can you repeat you on his here on the program? I know you've been primarily running horses at Gulfstream Park. The last few weeks are. Are You staying down in Florida? Are you still basing in Kentucky Right now well Guess yes The you know I spend about twenty straight years based at Gulfstream and then came back into Kentucky just firing away and young horses route Florida to shift it over to Gulf st or. I'm sorry shift over to Oakland for four or five seasons and had a had a over there that there with his young verses We made a an effort on that and it didn't work out. So I've shifted my tax per se back to Florida and And then we ship out of that base I own own summerfield training center and in Just south of Ocala. And we've got all our young horses there and then we've got the main division at Gulfstream but those horses are getting ready to rotate to towards Can All those details right now? Speaking of a Gulfstream Park you send out an envelope I I said that right To a fourth place. Finish in the honey Ryder. This weekend I know she debuted on the grass broke maiden last time out on the dirt. Had you been wanting to get back on the turf with that runner you're primarily Berkeley We couldn't get the to turn to go so we went in the grass We got the to turn race ago and in and that worked out well and she remained easily then we entered into fantasy because she was going to run as an entry was Wiscon- diver and she was to get excluded. So we after over to the Gardenia and she did get excluded there and then they had five scratches which is a little frustrating and then and then it was like okay. We've got her teed up. But where do we go? So we put her in the race at Gulfstream and I don't like the way pace of that race. Unfold for I I think that that we could have done a little better job tactically either way. It unfolded I think a little too aggressive going into the first turn. It didn't show much patience and we talked about that race But but now she'll shift back to the dirt and I'm probably going to take a little time with her and you'll probably see surface in June or July depending on timing. I think she's a Philly. That's got to run in I think she could be an oaks. Philly I mean she. She's she's shown she's got that kind of talent but at the the pattern hadn't fallen right in place on her as far as getting to regular dirt routine to turns. Well unfortunately this is where the audio really Kinda went. Bad and I tried to piece that together as much because I thought Kenny had some some good information and I just I so appreciate time like I said he was very patient and we tried to make it work in the the connection was just dropping out too much and it started getting real bad so we will get Kenny on another time. But really really appreciate his time and his What's the word I'm looking for patients? You know we're all I mean we're just we're all subject to the technology we have and it's It's working behavior at that particular time. Unfortunately it's going to happen every so often but Can't Kenny enough and we will be right back. After this short time out for little episode of Race I love coming up next here on a Wednesday edition of the Jason horseracing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires twin spires not only offers the best way to play the racist from your desktop or mobile device. But we also have great offers for our players visit

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