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Some of these examples are super weird and not really the way that people speak or write. I mean obviously somebody wrote this. Oh it makes sense but that. That's not a typical example. I think for some people that example makes it more confusing actually but See i used it. I say lot. So if we were to replace the word but with the definition that i would say or the example would say would have protested except for the fact that he was afraid it almost makes more sense that way then we have one be synonym is that and that is used after a negative as in there is no doubt but he won Yeah probably say. There is no doubt that he won. I think that makes more sense. One see without the that and as in it never rains but it pours. It never rains without the concomitant that it pours. I don't know if that makes as much sense One d if not synonym is unless i would love it if they give an example one e. Synonym is van t. h. a. n. As in no sooner started but it stopped no sooner started but it stopped and then if we replaced the word it says no sooner started then which neither one really makes sense to me again. Don't not a big fan of these examples. And then this one is not often informal. Use now we have to a on the contrary on the other hand and a synonym is notwithstanding and this one is used to connect contr To connect coordinate elements as in. He was called but he did not answer. Yep also is not peace but a sword that is peace as in world peace We would like world peace and then swore i'd like stabby staves word not peace but a sword a sword. Now we have to be. Synonym is yet. Why e. t. As in poor but proud now we have to see with the exception of and this is used before a word often taken to the subject of a clause as in none. We're missing my line. None the brave deserves. Oh none but the brave deserves the fair. And that is a quote from john dryden and we have a couple of phrases but that and the synonym for that one is just the word that and i think i said that three times in that sentence and that one is used after a negative as in there is no doubt but that it must be done. There is no doubt but that it must be done if the synonym is that. Why would you put the word but in there and then we have another phrase but what and the example let's see the definition says that dot dot dot not that lippis not and this is used to indicate possibility or uncertainty as in. I don't know. But what i will go. I think people don't use this form of but as much anymore okay. Let's look at the etymology old english bhutan. It's a preposition and conjunction. Which means outside or without or accept or accept that akin to the old high german booze on which means without or akin to the old english be which means bhai or which means out. And there's more other words by and out right now we have the second form of but it is a preposition from before the twelfth century. One eight with the exception of synonym is barring b. a. r. i. n. g. as in no one there but me i feel like this one makes much more sense to me the the conjunction form of but it doesn't fit in my brain and i think that like i said i don't think it gets used that way much anymore. And then for one eight says compared to the to see definition of the first form of..

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