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Russian that isn't idle at all but thick with subtext yes and there's much value to be learned here something he can use on the outside that jungle beyond the jungle where all prisoners charlie figures of each other's expectations of small ways of thinking but a lion who knows he's a lyon has the advantage on a sheet who hasn't yet figured out he's a sheep illusions are there to be exploited in nineteen 56 james and arlene barker bought a property in the rugged hill country of the panama ridge indepth valley a small cabin had been put up around nineteen forty to support gold and uranium mining in the area and the barker's expanded it to a more spacious main house in several outbuildings accessible only by horseback or 4wheel drive the barker ranch as it would become known was situated in some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth summer temperatures could reach a hundred in thirty degrees and might exceed one hundred in ten degrees for months on end when park service ranger dick powell and highway patrol officer james per cell headed out to the barker ranch on september twenty night they were looking for the red toyota that might be connected to their arson suspects they'd heard from locals at a group of hippies had taken over the place but when the lawmen got there they found only two young women who offered no useful information a quick search of the property turned up no vehicles so the officers got back in their car for the return trip not far from the ranch they spotted a truck on the road and pulled it over to question the occupants behind the wheel was forty six year old prospector paul crockett beside him in the passenger seat sat brooks poston an affable 18yearold upon questioning the pierre soon opened up about the new death valley residents members of a cult called the family trying to take it all in the officers listened to tales of drug field orgies.

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