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App or the sound of your voice you could even stay connected fit to your family and friends with the a._d. Go app including location sharing driving activity alerts and emergency westbound that's a._d._t. Real production brought out to you by a._d._t. Let's take a look at thursday. Night's action green bay packers take on the chicago bears at soldier field with the bears being three point favorite kickoffs at eight twenty eastern seven central on n._b._c. Khalil mack looks to dominate while aaron rodgers looks to improve on a down season for the packers with the n._f._l. Celebrating its one hundredth season packers and bears kick off to the oldest n._f._l. Franchise if you're looking to add some excitement make that the you're betting partner use promo code d. We are one of one once again. Go to bet the asylum. You've cote d r one one and get this limited time. Hundred percent bonus match offer. It's only gained until is better at that the s._i. Broadcasting from the mercedes mankin by the way the diversity on the show yeah yeah well. There's the guy with tattoos. This is dan patrick <hes> we made it to a thursday. It's our one dan and the danettes dan patrick shell n._f._l. Kicking off it's one hundred season with the classic packers bears tonight. The games come a long way since the chicago. Staley's took on the packers a century ago. I'm sure vince lombardi or george halas wouldn't recognize today's came but you know forget the field product. It's the off the field drama that would probably be unthinkable back in the nineteen twenties. You didn't have to worry about a wide receiver burning his feet and cryotherapy chambers. No hold outs the packers packers probably packed meat as their second job no t._v. Back then no social media football's a national obsession now and the basics so the game may be the same as one hundred years ago but i don't think fans from back then would recognize tonight's game in the monster that the n._f._l. Has become was there a moment when the n._f._l. Surpassed baseball because baseball was the national pastime but there had to be this moment where you said that's when when football became bigger than baseball yeah paulie off the top of my head and just when you said the question when baseball went on strike i think it was ninety four number tony tony gwynn and stuff like that you also had the cowboys at their peak of fame aikman emmitt smith. They were a team. I knew all the linemen on the cowboys and it seemed like the early nineties n._f._l. It was big before then obviously but surpass it's like college basketball kind of became not primary sport around like ninety nine because because one and done but you have betting now fantasy football and that combining with the n._f._l. Being able to watch on your phone you got the n._f._l. N._f._l. Ticket the red zone. You know the n._f._l. Has done a great job with the infrastructure. <hes> four fans whereas major league baseball has not the the n._b._a. It feels like the n._b._a. Is players league and the n._f._l. Is a owners league big difference in that by the way juicy where <hes> jimmer say reportedly turn down three point two billion dollars for the colts was that offer made when andrew luck was still on the team. I'm curious now turned it down and that's almost host a billion more than the panthers sold for and that was just a year ago wasn't but aren't these teams really priceless to these owners yes yes i mean i saw in the same article. Cowboys are five point five billion. There's no way jerry would do that. No you don't wanna lose the relevancy the cachet that comes with owning a team there are a lot of billionaires. Here's how many billionaires own team's your sports king your relevant people. You know when you say something. It means something people listen to you so i've just curious about that. You know how big the n._f._l. Has gotten i wouldn't have opened with the packers and the bears i get it but to me me i would have probably had the patriots in action. You know the best matchup for the patriots. This year would have been who i always on there. No well you normally open up with the super bowl winning team and then you'd have the patriots no i th i think the patriots might have the cowboys. I think they might play them. I gotta check that. I think they do but do i want to have that as the opening night or how about the steelers that they play on sunday night yes tabby yeah but dude you air rogers tonight. Does that tipped the scales a little bit well. I think because it's the opener and you have the bears khalil mack and i remember last year. When khalil mack went to the bears i was told by a source. The packers thought they were getting khalil. Mack and i'm ever saying it on the show man the packers occurs were really in this and i think reports have come out since then that suggests the packers thought that they were getting khalil mack imagine if you had khalil mack back with aaron rodgers a lot has been made about aaron rodgers. Calling audibles is allowed to call audibles. What's the relationship between the new coach. Matt leflore floor aaron rodgers and this is a story whether the packers aaron rodgers matt leflore one address it it is a story because it was his story story with the previous coach so now you have somebody less proven who's coming in there who ran an offense in tennessee that might cost marcus mariota. His job is as starter and he gets the job. Is the packers head coach. Yes we're going to ask. I don't know if he knows what else he can say other than to you say how about you just watch the games and see what aaron does here is. The packers head coach matt leflore being asked about audibles and adjustments respites recall pocket dicamba you mentioned audibles mortiz big part of this will not stop this audible thing. It's unbelievable what do you what do you guys want me to say interesting head about a big part of it in the past but maybe it's going to be how does that can be a big adjustment. You're yeah i. I think that we've always had adjustments within our place like it's just we called it something different and the fact that i didn't call it an audible. Everybody's running wild with it so <hes> i it's. It's comical to me but like i said i feel good with what we've got in our plan how we've gotten at this point and i'm confident that <hes> he's got a total command and control of what we're trying to get done. Okay easy there matt. You're not lombardi okay. You got a plum job with a great quarterback and if i were matt leflore i would say just watch the games. I'm gonna let him he has the feel for the game. He's going to the hall of fame. I'm learning from him as well but i have my ideas we do our research. We do our homework and that information is then imparted to aaron rodgers and then when he gets to the line of scrimmage he can put it into play. He can put it in motion in real time on i mean he he's making. I'm more curious now because he's bothered by it where i just want. Matla florida say i'd be crazy crazy not to let aaron rodgers call zone game and that's what this is go out there. You see things then you call the play. This was an issue before with aaron rodgers. There were times when he didn't want to call the play that was called in so why would why would we not be curious about this relationship with with audibles here but also from the other side doesn't it seem like a forced storyline by the media based on the past with aaron rodgers and his previous coach. That may not be happening right now. There may not be any issues but they just keep asking about it and then the audio makes it sound like there are issues but it was an issue. That's the the first thing i wanted to know. What kind of offense were you running in tennessee and are you going to use that offense in green bay that that i would want to know the other one is how much freedom does aaron have to call his own place. That's all it doesn't have to be. It's becoming more complicated because he's tired of answering it but if you answered in a way where the media can't come back and say all you have to say i address that two days ago i addressed that two weeks ago and then you move on but yeah yeah i'm curious about this and i never thought i'd be curious about aaron. Rodgers being able to call his own place right of all the quarterbacks brady aaron rodgers. You wanna throw in philip rivers and drew brees fine ben rothlisberger fine but this was an issue. I don't it's going to be an issue but i am curious about it. I would give total autonomy to aaron rodgers. I mean that if i matter floor i would say look as a former offensive suv coordinator. This is what i wanna do. This is where i want to have a comfort zone aaron rodgers and that is if we do all of our homework prior to the game then it's up to aaron rodgers to sort of pare that down and say now. How do i make that work against the bears tonight. You got freedom. Do what you need to do because because ultimately the blame you don't want it to come back to matt leflore where you're the one impeding the progress here. Let aaron call the game you yeah..

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