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Police in Saint Paul Minnesota released body Cam footage that shows a man was armed with a gun. Before officers shot and killed him during an early morning confrontation with Saint Paul police chief Todd axel says officer involved shootings like this are. Always heart wrenching to everyone involved says this incident, occurred I've met with family members. Of Mr Hughes I've met with our officers And. I met with our community What I can tell you that everyone is. Deeply deeply affected by this tragedy state, investigators are still reviewing the incident but chief facts toll took the unusual step of releasing the body Cam footage before the probe is complete saying during a news conference before showing the video to reporters that the shooting has generated widespread rumors and falsehoods that could erode public, trust and police in place officers endangered Texas juries awarded more than two hundred forty two million dollars to a Dallas area family who sued Toyota over what they say were defective, front seats in their Lexus sedan causing them to, collapse on their two young children seated in child safety seats in the back and giving them severe head. Trauma and other injuries Kofi Annan the world's most celebrated diplomat in charismatic symbol of the United Nations who rose through the ranks to become the first black African secretary. General has died in nineteen Ninety-six and instead he had a lot of goals as he took on the job of the UN secretary general let Us make change our. Ally not an enemy sees it as an opportunity not not recognize the test necessity not an imposition and in had been battling some health issues recently.

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