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Then fourth in one. the violation of gotten because there was a play fair they spotted the spot on the ball through into the efficiently vision moved up a foot ridiculous and it in challenges crazy time anyway I digress the fourth one of the of the game with the trip planned McCaffrey runs let's not get pushed out of bounds was clearly abounds. there were there was a time when you just one of had your offense of linemen up and cam Newton what a forced a yard in we've been clockwork and that will be a certainty and they didn't trust him to do that that he can't run he can't throw any can't pick up a yard. think about that. that is the staff understanding yeah there's going to be a post camera and and unfortunately I think it's going to coincide with the post Rivera era if you're if you are a fan of the team dolphins and you hate your coach lines and and you're looking for somebody Ron Rivera your coach a year from now like that might be one of the consequences of what we're to I think repairs are great I think he's a great coach. any other great quarterback in the window close really really early and it's it's not fair that's a bummer and if the deal eight five five two one two four CBS taking phone calls you on the show. we'll take a few more calls you wanna give your two cents and then we'll go to Jim bone talking baseball but a few more phone calls at eight five five two one two four CBS on cam Newton we continue on the program right at the new with me till writer after the CBS portrayal update with Jay Berman..

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