Chuck Clark, Kaylie News Radio, President Trump discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


K Away on I Heart Radio Daily News for your time. 6 31 Colorado's morning news, April on Marty with you, Fox 31 Pinpoint whether 30 right now. Hi, Stay not gonna give it to mortem or we're gonna say, upper thirties but the big word today. Wind and lots of it. Yeah, it is howling today across the eastern half of the state While we don't have any weather advisories here in the metro area, there is a high wind warning. In effect for the surrounding area Lacks 31 meteorologist Brooks Garner. We've got a mix of the jet stream roaring overhead and an upper level low pressure system developing to our east as a result of the orientation of that jet stream. So there's lots of energy in the atmosphere in lots of wind will be the result. Even gusts around 100 miles an hour or possible at the higher elevations, he says. De IA clocked winds at about 60 miles an hour overnight. It's also creating some dangerous travel conditions as you can imagine in spots, Kaylie News Radio's Chuck Clark tells us where April overnight I saw reports of semis being blown over on I 25 year Wyoming at a nice 76, but see, that's Mark Coleman said. Right now it's relatively calm. We're still feeling some pretty strong winds. Well, at least the Eastern half of the state from the Continental divide all the way out to the state lines. It's still fairly windy and gusty, consistently, but the really strong winds that we were feeling yesterday evening and overnight those 60 plus mile an hour wind. Those have subsided a little bit, so we're not dealing with any really active incidents as a result of Any winds right now. Semis and commercial vehicles are restricted on to 85 yourself Park due to high winds, But that's it the entire state. Chuck locked away news radio. Thank you. Chuck. President Trump is now the first commander in chief to be impeached twice. But now the focus shifts to the Senate. The Senate impeachment trial for President Trump is unlikely to begin.

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