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Make sure you're with us each and every day and Anthony Rizzo is having a great year getting on base. Being very productive was on with cap this morning. Red's good morning. How are you? Ah, Doubleheader split. David. Voting to the rescue. Yes, Good. Good. With the win the second game. And our little scare we went on and on. Get that winning hearing back. So I want to play some for you. We had your boss on yesterday. Theo Epstein. And this is feel when I brought your name up to him been incredible that he's always been a leader of this group in a lot of ways that don't show up in his own unique style, you know? Not not getting outside who he is, Um, been natural leader in a lot of ways, But there's been some areas where that hasn't been hit his personality. This's the year where, As I said, he's taking it to another level in that. I think he's being stole intentional about about his leadership. He genuinely Cares about this group in about this year and everything going on in the world and he wants to make something great of it so bad. He wants to live in the hall man and get the absolute most out of every day And so I think he's going up to the park each day. Thinking. How can I make this fun? How can I How can I up left my teammates? And how can I help keep everybody say by all all all the right things, and I've got a number of guys come by far the most fun dugout they've ever been in and out. Whatever the broadcast over there, check it out alive. They are like an American leaders like a college like that, you know, support each other, enthusiastic and raise business, right? Great in the middle of that kudos to him. I mean, it's not something that happens by accident. He didn't have to do it. You have to have somebody in middle of career elevate themselves to the highest level as a leader like that. It's really impressive. So when you hear your boss say that a your first thoughts about that, and how did you arrive at the Anthony Rizzo we see today. I just I mean, obviously hearing that from This is great. I mean, we obviously have such a long lasting relationship for Oh, well over 10 years now, so It's really it is always nice to hear that. It's just It's something that you learn every day and Every year and you learn from the guys before you. He learned from conversations you have with Good conversations, tough conversations. And put yourself in uncomfortable situations to grow. I think Continue to do that and continue to challenge myself to do that. And, uh Just take it day by day by day, but I mean, it's It's a credit to a lot of guys too. All the guys who have really bought in and And we just wanna have fun and a big, which shows it and we've been winning, and I always wanted a little skin. But winning last night with that big homerun that podia Sparked a lot energy back into us and Anthony just watching on television watching the games. It just seems like you guys are providing your own energy. There's no crowd there. It just seems like just you against your team against the world feel different this year of the last few as faras camaraderie in the clubhouse. Yeah, I think I think a lot. You know, I I look at it all everything going on trying to take away all the positives of it and No. One being in the clubhouse except the players with Being on the road and we're so isolated. Um It's just you reinvest and I was something I wanted to do anyways, coming this year, so I reinvested in the guy's more than I have in the past. Because this is this is a long season. Usually you know, 1, 62 and another years only 60. But, um, the more everyone's on the same page and you know it's hard for guys sometimes sometimes. Guys think they should be playing more guys that every all the little victor and things that go into a season. He's very easy to, you know, crawling to your own hole and become selfish in this game, so I think everyone that's in the clubhouse knows that. We try to counter that everyday. Anthony Rizzo joins us each week here on Capitol Know now, Captain J had almost the Captain company and brought to you by Templeton Rye Whiskey and Valparaiso University. And they give us the scan report on Kim yesterday. He's got that funky lefty delivery was the approach because you able to get a number of walks in the doubleheader yesterday. Yeah, he first time obviously saying, I'm those strikes works fairly quickly, so The cutter and the curveball. You got a located fastball. First to that good walk. So it's just Guys like that. He obviously veteran pitcher Over in Korea and comes over and he knows how to pitch so you can try to do too much and Child. A good singer, So I don't know if you heard. Did you hear what happened that controversy with Fernando Te T's junior last night? Yeah, I saw that morning. Hi, Theo. It's it's Ah. What was the score? It was 7 to 2, and he's up its 30. He never looks down at the third base coach and swings on 30 because he has the green light always and he had been given a take sign never saw it hits a grand slam and the manager of the Rangers, Chris Woodward. Very upset. His own manager, Jace Tingler, criticized him after the game. Trevor Bauer came out and defended him and said, You keep being you kid. You're great for the game. The only thing you did wrong was apologizing for it and that Johnny bench this morning, the Hall of Famer said, So hold on, You take a pinch, not your 31. And the picture comes back with a great setup pitch..

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