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O'clock <hes> just be sure to check your resort guide <hes> loved it loved that so did you see any weddings. We did not see any weddings now nope. I'm not not not a not a single wedding so so that was <hes> wh we checked in on sunday. We checked out on saturday mornings so i think that that's probably why i m s at weddings. They're mostly saturday afternoon or saturday evenings <hes> but i can all my gosh i can totally imagine getting married there air on the on the lawn somebody get married on the law and it was beautiful <hes> they have have receptions face right there and that's a big difference between the the hilton head island resort in vero beach is very beach does not have a table service restaurant. They don't have any type of conference space or anything of that nature where hilton head to our where vero beach does <hes> so that was really cool. We did the character breakfast on saturday morning <hes> and they have that in their their ballroom like their their conference center so that was really cool that was with a goofy and donald that was a lot of fun or more reasonable than what you're gonna find signed character breakfasts over walt disney world resort and the character interaction was really fantastic. Oh my god when i went goofy sat at our table and hung on us yup the coolest thing question goofy was doing night dances with the boys and they absolutely love that donald was playing rock paper scissors with the kids. That was so much fun you don't you just don't find that that type of of longer interaction over at walt disneyworld busy world but then the crowd vero beach was was lower so they were able to spend more time we donald came back to our table. Probably two or three times and goofy came back at least twice exc so so so much fun. It's such a relaxed atmosphere. <hes> even i'm the type who likes to go. Go go go go when i'm on vacation it it really kind of pushed me to sit back and relax and that was that was much needed. There's a full spa offered their and they have massage. They have have manicures pedicures whole nine yards. All of that stuff is available and then they also also have the disney discovery club which is for kids ages four to twelve <hes>. That's kind of like a night out. It runs about thirty dollars per child <hes> <hes> but also includes the price of dinner crafts <unk> titties all sorts of stuff like that. I think it was probably eh one of my favorite relaxing vacations that i've done. It's yeah it was amazing like it's crazy to me too because it's not not like you would think it you know right. It's place nothing eight. Yes two hours. It's about an hour forty minutes. Turn our south of cape canaveral so if you're sailing out on disney cruise line i could very easily see going over and spending a night or two at vero beach prior to a disney cruise or even following a disney cruise rather than going to walt disneyworld and then going on the cruise line i would we'll we'll highly recommend that to clients ed's when we checked in. They were offering.

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