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Savers to the near sexually three to the near side to to the far and panics is an empty backfield. Now Ronnie Walker in the ball game but running back comes into the pistol forbade should behind pedic's. And that goes panics the throw. He fires another Bob guy appeal and a diving effort by Nick Westbrook. Fantastic. There was pass interference. Because Westbrook got a little bit by rural area. But they do not call it and he'll come back. It'll be third and ten well last week any ball that went up a was a pass interference call on both sides. Both teams got called for a bunch of them. And again that was a double coverage throw. He'll throw right through dental coverage. And I'll tell you what if I'm a defense back. I wouldn't want to try and catch that bullet coming in three wide receivers near side to the far headaches steps up says something to the lie. No shifting this time. Penn extolling the empty backfield? Takes a snap comes pressure. He steps up. He's gotta run. Michael pedic's comes down and got a first down. But a flag came down. And maybe a holding call against Indiana. Maybe unfortunate because that whole looked like it came. It is holding. It looked like that came after pedic's run buying and rather official. Not. I mean holdings holding I guess, but if it doesn't affect the plano, call it holding. Previous. And that's west Martin may call. Dod? So Indiana gets cursed with another federally here and of all comes back to the thirty four yard line. So NATs third down if it was holding it had no effect on the play. That is really a shame. I've got to think that they're gonna throw this went up in the world. You take panics out of his game. That's next question. Annex awakes the Sam gets it fakes dump screen pass out here and the ball gets tipped up in the air, and then knocked to the ground. And so it's going to bring up more than Indiana will be forced to pilot away. I'm not sure I think John was the intended receiver around that guy. Lost the football again. There was pressure on him. He threw that football backwards. But I don't think Majed had a chance. There was a Penn State guy right on me as fortunate they got to the ground, even the Andrei Topken's is back deeper penetrate. Michael pedic's looking like some kind of throw her the ball. He has every time. He's played. He's looked like that. He hasn't played in his first two games. Here's the kick. And it's a very short one by white hair. Got up in the air heads and bounces to the sideline and out of bounds right around the thirty three yard line. So now much there's no return on it. But you that's shows right.

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