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From five Eyewitness News sunny today high twenty to bed tonight a winter storm watch goes into effect through tomorrow snow overnight with two to three inches by seven AM Sunday that an additional one to three inches by tomorrow afternoon it's five about here in the Twin Cities listening is just part of the my topic for more fun follow us on social media by my top one oh seven one on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and I find it to any name and everybody thank you for joining us we are going to continue with Eric Easton because we kind of got lost in the shuffle yeah I was and I said and we were still talking like I didn't halfway into the commercial for you realize it happened here us anymore okay so don't say ice anymore so yes I don't think I see it was clearly I so we were talking about the fact that you guys are doing something special and I wanna make sure that we get to that point so sure yeah we're doing a little pop up at the office from two to seven on Wednesday income by back and get a bag of heart in grave rocks for ten Bucks I think the first twenty folks to the door we've got free beers from the black sack next door that we give you a token you go have a beer at LAX act.

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