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ABC News. I'm Adrian Bankers on this Veterans Day President Trump at Arlington National Cemetery. President honoring those who served during war and peace, taking part in a wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Philadelphia. President elect Joe Biden also paying tribute to those who serve and sacrifice. Many veterans day events have been curtailed or canceled due to Corona virus. The outbreak worsening across the US with new infections, hospitalizations and deaths on the rise in Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger has ordered a full audit and hand count of votes. We have all worked hard to bring fair and accurate counts to assure At the will of the voters is reflected in the final count on that every voter we have confidence in the outcome. Wherever whether their candidate won or lost. The United Kingdom is marking a grim milestone Co ve death There are now topping 50,000. This is ABC News. A former Louisville police officer charged in the Briana Taylor case is now accused of sexual assault. In a new lawsuit, a 22 year old woman behind the suit claims former officer Brett Hankerson assaulted her while leaving a bar in 2018. Hankerson was one of three officers who fired a weapon the night Briana Taylor died in March. He's charged with wanton endangerment. Some of those popular Amazon ring video doorbells are now the focus of a recall 350,000 of the ring. Doorbell devices are being pulled from store shelves because they can overheat and possibly ignite manufacturer. Amazon says The problem is with the second generation ring video models. When incorrect screws they're used for installation. The devices were sold online and in stores from June to October this year and have a blue ring on the front and either black and silver or black and bronze and color. At least 23 incidents have been reported so far. Are causing just minor property damage and minor burns. Direct Dennis ABC News Adrian BANKERS, ABC News Liberty Mutual Insurance Company presents..

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