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Or are you doing? No no that episode would not have made any sense. So yes we got shut down. We had one more week left as as the virus was invading the states and. We probably should shut down a little earlier. But I think everybody was kind of like you know for whatever reason that there was a thought out there that it wasn't going to be as bad as it was I don't know right it was who was pushing that one. So we were you know we still working and about halfway through the second to last week, it became pretty clear that this was not going to be sustainable. and. So we had to leave our final episode that season was going to be a giant like outdoor music festival. Characters had. the characters had had promoted and created for their at the store. So yes, we will. We will not be doing the giant outdoor festival where we're all in a big crowd of people. I can't wait. It's very exciting. By the way to call near point, it's obvious that they're spreading aspect stretching out because holy moly, which is a show I love and Matt I knew you and your family gotten involved with it. It's hysterical. They are now it seems every other week you're getting a new episode they're they're taking off. They're slow rolling. Yeah. I didn't I was I was like, why do they keep taking weeks off but now I probably the convention last week played into it but. And maybe this is probably not on because of the Republican convention but I think they're slow rolling a little bit to. To your point, there's not a lot of shows to show a lot of content. Yeah. All right. Here's your question. All right. Question again, your topic, let's roll dice fax and Colton. Rancher till I ask you specifically. Or directly here we. Go question. The very. The very first pair of dice were made from what material. And then he wrote. He circled and with an exclamation point wrote specific. The very first pair of dice were made from what material specific. If it weren't for that last word I would have had a better answer I think. Yeah. Again my son's handwriting. Some letters are capital summer case summer in third version of it. They don't teach cursive anymore. They don't. They don't everything's typed in back of him to type every each week but. The fact that we both forgot about this until Eleven fifteen today. So right your answers in Garin. I'm GONNA come to you. Now let's check in with Gary Cockrel mentioned Colton Dunn is here we'll get to more information on of Colton as. But. Let's check with Darin Cockerel over there at the never not funny weather desk and see how things are happening up there in van is we know that he's In lockdown because Colton dig this I guarantee roommate was exposed to somebody that had Kovic. So now they have to, they're in lockdown at their own apartment. contact. traced. Forty five. Is He showing any symptoms? Your Mate Garin? No no no. No. He's not no. Do you guy this is just on Friday so I don't know. Yeah of course. So I think contacted by somebody who works for the state or was he contacted through an APP like I have at that'll tell me if I come in contact with someone. Oh no that Eric told him but that's an interesting APP. The name of that APP called it's called citizen you can get. Oh wait. I have citizen. Okay. So through the citizen APP, you can download. It's sort of a companion APP called safe trace. And you just keep that open in the background on your phone. and. If somebody who's tested positive and also use a say safe trace uploads it, you'll find out. If you get close to them. From the Bluetooth and if you have you gotten any alerts on it that you've already so. I don't know maybe that's seven month old I don't know what he's up to. A handful maybe he's going to your sleeping he's.

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