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Is christmas. Went up to that. Client life with all the off three tshuva in families and in the wider community. And that's you know that's what we did back in the day when was raving. That was the right family when and let's just list because we i mean Let's let's take us back to sign win. I reckon you and me both solids as well because an opportunity you picked out for me and you said this is one of my old song fibers and yeah was really because that's definitely a mindless on favorites and this is i mean i was. I was a soul jazz funk you know those days. The pirate stations like solar j. fm l. w And they play in. wr r. this is before. I even whatever your and this and this band. The challenge was studio and they had different vocalists and and light you sometime. Jocelyn brown would front and this was luther vandross glow lousier and this was before he blew up as loofah duluth. we both knew and loved with silo..

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