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I Heart radio Original podcast. October 16th 1972 to congressman aboard a small plane in Alaska. They fly into violent weather conditions, prevalence and disappear despite a massive search their mind around up there. They're never found. The case goes cold. That is until a young reporter named John Wall Zach starts digging. I'm standing right little of reportage Mass in Alaska. What he finds is one of the strangest stories you've never heard. Did he indicate what was in the suitcase? He said It was a bomb. So join John as he tries to figure out what happened to Congressman, Hale Box and Micke baggage. It was a big thing for them to be missing. Missing in Alaska. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart radio app number one for music, radio and podcasts, All in one news radio 9 21, 047 FM. Low from the Matthews Brothers Todo Now if we depressed you with those Charlie Baker. Sound cuts this This is the heartwarming story of the day. This is from New Bedford and I'll read you the headlines from the Standard Times. New Bedford School committeeman goes electric to protect his trump side. School committeeman John Olivera says he has built up an electric fence around his trump political sign to keep people after repeated perhaps joining.

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