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Benita canyon you'll find the two right lanes closed our next report at ten fifteen on Barbara Brooks of more traffic reports for often can't extend seventy newsradio is around fifty in nice weekend ahead with partly sunny skies tomorrow highs mid sixties to around seventy we're staying in those temperatures on Sunday with sunny skies big offshore wind coming our way especially for the mountains and the in that I'm pyre where there is a high wind watch out for late Sunday through early next week right now you got forty nine degrees in so Rideau's it's fifty two in Burbank riverside as fifty three at ten OO seven three men who ran an eleven million dollar investment scheme that built elderly Californians are going to present James let's singer Gregory Chapman and Wallace Thomas were sentenced to state prison ranging from three to thirty years a fourth man died while awaiting sentencing according to prosecutors the man ran a company that over ninety years sold more than eleven million in unregistered securities mainly to elderly investors the company claimed to be developing an internet banking system but according to the Attorney General they did little to develop a product and instead line their own pockets with millions of dollars in investors' money investors never received a return on their investment prosecutors say the men spent money on fine dining multiple cars rent and cigars mark Austin Thomas KNX ten seventy newsradio two teenagers seventeen at the time of their crimes get probation they admitted a vehicular manslaughter in a street racing collision that killed a man and his dog in San Marino voice also have to take part in work Sir services and hospital and morgue programs and write a letter of apology they collided Wall Street racing on July fourth one of the cars lost control and slammed into a forty nine year old Gabriel Chris Paul and his dog Nino both died at the scene crystals girlfriend was running several yards behind them and was not hurt heard this is still a shock Christie novel Snyder is a friend of the couple who spoke.

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