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From just above three hundred down to two eighty seven two home runs and thirty three runs batted in is one out of two today now the pitch strike called inside corner knee high Andrew Cashner although the two point zero eight E. R. A. his pitch swung on and looked into center field long run in for and he makes a catch they give you can't jump to it but he left his freedom retired Schumacher two hours we've seen some plays go against the cardinals diving catches while builders this week apple by the Mets on this one by the center fielder the cubs center fielder Marlon Byrd the cashier was placed on the DL with a right rotator cuff strain April the eighth over the injury against the Diamondbacks September ninth in New York marked his first major league outing since the fifth of September the right handers pitch swing and a foul by Daniel Descalso batting for Kyle Loesch Shemar Jr warms up in the Cup spindle cell for the cardinals this council has a two sixty three average one home runs twenty eight RBIs Cashner with the pitch to discounts a strike on the outside corner into hello she gave up a run on six hits to answer the cardinal seven thunder gulch his counsel.

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