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Cowboys move on from Scotland hand win their season ends whether that had been on black Monday whether that Sunday morning, whether if that's two weeks from now, whatever the case may be it's very difficult to imagine. How the Cowboys can bring Scotland ahead back. I think we all think that I think we all share. That's a common denominator. Among all Cowboys fans everywhere. However, I will say that we all thought this year ago, we all thought this year ago, and somehow someway, Scotland ahead still made his way back. You know, I I've said this many different times there was a point in the two thousand seventeen season when the Cowboys went to Atlanta. And then they came home in hosted the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night football in the Los Angeles chargers on thanksgiving during those three games the Cowboys scored in the single digits scored seven nine and six points in those three games. That's really really really bad. In fact, it was the first time in Dallas Cowboys. Franchise history that they scored in the single digits in three consecutive games that had never happened before. And somehow some way they still rob back, Scott Lenihan. So while it's really does make sense for the Cowboys to find a new offense of corner when their season does end we have definitely seen some weird things before very last thing before we get outta here. Chris Rashar Dallas Cowboys secondary coach in sort of pseudo defensive coordinator has already been pegged as a head coaching candidate. And I noticed freaks a lot of people out. I know nobody wants to see Chris Rashard leave. I know. I know I know, however, the facts are that both the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins are interested in Chris Rashard to be their next head coach they have requested permission to interview him and talk to him with the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett would not answer on Wednesday. Whether the Cowboys have given that permission, but he did say Chris Rashard would not interview with those teams before the playoff game on Saturday right after he said that Ian Rapoport of NFL network reported there. Chris Rashard is expected to interview with these team. On sunday. So we'll see what happens if the Cowboys went into Cowboys lose, whatever the case may be crystal charges at the various expected to talk to some degree to built the jets and the dolphins. It's very very likely in my opinion that Chris Rashard is somewhere else in two thousand nineteen much that sucks because head coaching opportunities. Don't come around all too often. And I know that nobody wants to admit that or believe that. But think about this. I mean win is Chris Rashard going to be hotter. I I mean, what could Chris Rashard do next season two seasons from now that would elevate his name in his position and his stature more. I mean, you know, you strike when the time the irony scolding hot for Chris Rashard right now, he would be foolish to not. At least look seriously into opportunities that are presenting themselves to him. So we'll see what happens with that. With that being said, we'll be back.

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