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Rocket mortgage squares dot com. So we talked about it last our best quarterback receiving duo in the National Football League. Now we're going to talk about the best head coach quarterback duo. Of the remaining playoff teams in the National Football League, So let me just run through the teams that are remaining. Aaron Rodgers, Matt with Flor. Aaron Rodgers and VP in the league right now, Matt look for has come into Green Bay, his first year NFC title game. Second year. Now hold on. You had the whole mess with offseason Packers. We're just gonna win the division. They won't be a Super Bowl threat. Not only do they win the division, they have the best record in the NFC. The number one seed the road to the Super Bowl. As long as Green Bay wins this weekend and keep some winning, it goes through Lambeau Field. So Matt LaFleur is a coach. Am I ready to tell you? He's a great coach? I'm not Am I ready to tell you? He's a top five coach? I'm not before the year he wasn't even considered a top 10 coach because it's such a small sample size but to be in this league And you look at your first two years in. I don't care what Ross do you have? I don't care who your quarterback is. It is impressive. You're in your first year with the roster that let's be real. It does have some flaws like that run defense Last year was bad. They made more of a commitment to run the football last year. But your first two years in the league, especially with all the drama the off season to be 26 6. Yeah. My own mind now. Matt Leffler doesn't abandon Rogers. Is he 26 6 now, most likely not. And let's say he's the coach of the Tennessee Titans. Let's say him and Mike Vrabel. You know, swap spots. Could Mike Vrabel b 26 6? Yes. It's bad to forget in the Titans to the postseason last two years, I don't know. Could be sure. So I got to see this year a matter for if he gets the job done. How much of that team really a just cause last year. Got into the playoffs. Last you got to the NFC title game. And you got your doors blown off by hope the San Francisco 40 Niners. So I think that the forces of good coach I get very good coach. I already tell you that he's gonna be in Green Bay for 10 years. I've already tell you that he's definitely gonna win a Super Bowl. No. And most likely if they lose, and if they don't win this weekend against the Rams, they lose next weekend in the NFC title game, or they lose to the Super Bowl. Who's probably going to get most of the blame. BBN Rogers What's the number one story point. If the Rogers lose it, the Packers lose. I base the sentence. Rogers Rogers loose. That's what it is. Now could Rogers played great and maybe get a pass? For example, they didn't lose that Seattle NFC title game because of Aaron Rodgers. Now the last two years, I will say this last two times have been NFC title game. I don't remember a lot of criticism last year, Van Rogers after the NFC title game. I just got blown out now The offensive line was terrible Defensive line was terrible. So there was some excuses made but also the championship game before that, in the NFC championship game against the Falcons. First half. They got blown out as well. So the pressure this year for the Packers Careful. Four makes a boneheaded call. If he messes something up clock management wise, then that's where the floor gets blamed. But for the most part 95% of it. Rogers have been great to she was gonna be the M v P. The pressure is on Rogers. That's a strong duo because of the quarterback and that before You look at those two very strong do it could win. I'm not going to tell you it's gonna win because I have the best duo here. Quarterback. And coach, but that is in the running. Now. Golf Big day. There's an imbalance here. Make they is a really damn good coach. Turn that team around, got him to the playoffs, then the next year got him to the Super Bowl last year, with everything crashing and burning and falling down. Shah McVeigh was still nine and seven. Chamakh, baby and nine and seven was almost as if he was more like three and 13 with the feeling this offseason how many people and I was something that was wrong? Didn't pick the Rams to get to the playoffs this year, but how many people made it seem as if the Rams We're not even gonna be a thought and didn't have a prayer of going the postseason. Cha McVeigh got that team to the post season this year. Give him credit for hiring Brandon Staley because everyone's eviscerating him. How do you get rid of Wade Phillips? On and Brandon Staley. That's been a top five defense. Now his offense has have been great. As of late, Okay, makers is playing well. We'll see if Cooper Cup could play. Robert Woods is a good, underrated wide receiver in this league. The one problem is Jared Golf. Big face telling you, Jared, offices guy. Does he really his guy? Because last.

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